Fashion Nova is selling bizarre ‘jeans’ that are held together with studded garters and we have to ask, why?

Californian women's clothing company Fashion Nova is selling a pair of trousers held together by studded garter straps.

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The jeans, if you can legitimately call them that, are basically a pair of dark blue hot pants attached to zip-up stretch denim trouser legs that run from the knee to the ankle.

Minus the shorts and studded garter straps, you'd be forgiven for thinking the bottom half of the jeans are some sort of bizarre leg-warmers.

And they're not cheap – the unusual get-up will set you back around £37 ($54.99) a pair.

We suppose you could look at it as two items of clothing for the price of one.

And at least these ones don't show off half of your bum cheeks.

A cheeky pair that recently went on sale at Pretty Little Thing feature two enormous rips across the backside.

The high-waisted skinnies, which come in blue and black, have certainly left people scratching their heads.

Earlier this month shoppers slammed "hideous" jeans made from LACES… so would you dare to bare?

Meanwhile these "indestructible jeans" promise to last 50 years.

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