Fitness blogger Carly Rowena reveals how to make jogging in the winter enjoyable

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Last week I asked my followers to send me their fitness, food and wellness based questions. We received some incredible questions and Fabulous picked their favourites for me to answer – so this week I’m covering tips for running in the freezing cold, my opinion on calorie controlled diets, and increasing your gym confidence!

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What are your tips for running in the cold? I find the short days and wintry temperatures just encourage me to wrap up and stay still!

I've found the best way to make sure you actually make it onto the road is to pop your training kit on the radiator the night before so that it’s lovely and toasty.

Also grab some gloves, a hat and a buff to keep you cosy during your run. An epic playlist or a tracker that comes with a motivational coach can work wonders, that or listen to a TedTalk.

If you really start to find your training is suffering you can always head indoors and try the treadmill or work on your speed with HIIT or Hill sprint sessions – it’s always good to vary your workouts.

Do you believe in calorie controlled diets? And what are you tips for sticking to a daily calorie recommendation?

I don’t believe in any diets, however, what all diets and weight-loss plans have in common is that your calories “out” need to be more than your calories “in”. That’s all diets are; a way to create a deficit, whether it’s from carbs, fats, protein or sugars. My top tip is to track your food for one week via the MyFitnessPal app.

Don’t worry about counting calories at the beginning, just use it as a tool to understand what you are eating and when.

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Once the week has finished, take a look at your average amount of calories per day, or your weekly total, notice your split of carbs, fats and protein and make a note.

Then I would head to the TDEE website which helps you work out the correct amount of calories you need for your body and daily routine. Now that you know what you were previously eating you can see where you need to make small changes. I have a full video explaining this in more detail on my YouTube channel.

Hi Carly I’m usually in good shape but been I've out of the game for a while due to having a baby. My confidence has disappeared and I feel very overwhelmed about the idea of working in a gym again. Do you have any tips on becoming more confident?

The gym can be an intimidating place but remember, everyone there is trying to work on something they want to improve, which when you think about it makes it an incredibly motivating place.

Firstly, if you find the gym intimidating, have you thought about working out from home using guides, YouTube, Instagram or books to up your fitness levels and confidence a little before heading to the gym?

To increase gym confidence, especially after having a child, I would 100 per cent recommend treating yourself to a professional coach. Not only will you see results faster but you’ll learn how to correctly use machines, free weights and the right form for your body.

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