Frazzled mum shares hilariously relatable before-and-after photo following months of homeschooling her son

AN EXHAUSTED mum has shared comically relatable photos of her before and after homeschooling her four-year-old for months. 

Katy Peacock, from Norfolk, joked that being in lockdown with her son has “ruined her”. 

Taking to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, she shared the side-by-side comparison pictures. 

In the down-to-earth after shot, Katy is holding a pint of beer and is make-up free with her hair scraped back.

She wrote: “I keep seeing everyone sharing photos of their children before and after lockdown so thought I’d share my own version.

“Lockdown with a 4 year old has ruined me… so glad we’re slowly getting back into a routine again.”

Speaking to Fabulous, Katy said: “The high parts were spending some quality time with him on our own but after a few weeks it was tough trying to keep him amused. 

“We didn’t do much home learning we did a lot of craft things and went for a lot of walks. “He’s just started school as was at nursery before. 

“I’m happy we are getting into a routine again but miss having him at home driving me up the wall.”

Her post clearly struck a chord with parents, and has racked up 7,500 likes.

One person wrote: “This is hilarious” and another added: “love this so much”. 

Another commented: “I love this! Well done girl for making it through.”

And one praised: “Ahh we need more mums like this 100% this is real mother hood.”

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