From £100K smiles to VERY expensive veneers – can you name the celeb behind these pricey pearly whites?

ASK anyone who's not from the UK what us Brits stand out for, and the answer will often be 'having bad teeth'.

But Love Island's Amy Hart flipped this down-right rude stereotype on it's head yesterday by debuting a beaming set of pearly whites.

The Love Island star proudly showcased her new smile on Instagram after getting a new set of pricey veneers from celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques for the bargain price of £100K!

"I didn't want to look like I had a bright white mouth guard in and I wanted to widen my smile out," she revealed.

But she isn't the only one who's relied on a new set of chompers to change her looks as celebs have long been altering their appearance by undergoing some major teeth transformations.

Fabulous has put together a list of A-listers who have swapped their crooked, discoloured chompers for a set of poker straight and blindingly bright teeth – and spent a cringe-worthy amount of cash in the process.So can you guess the beaming smiles?

1. Who does this star-spotting smile belong to?

CLUE: His altering appearance has been the cause of concern to some of his Xtra fans but despite his big smoking habit this 60-year-old's smile would still fit in well with any 90s boyband…

ANSWER: It's… Simon Cowell- who's star-spotting smile is estimated to have set him back a whopping £50K.

Dentist Sally Rayment from multi-award winning The Implant Centre previously told Mail Online that she suspects the X Factor mogul may have had several sets of veneers over the years, costing anything from £650 to £1000 per tooth.     

With veneers only lasting7- 10 years, on average, Sally estimates that he could have spent upwards of £50,000 on his teeth, depending on how many sets he’s had.

2. What about this set of posh pearly whites?

CLUE: This former spicey fashion designer- who suffered from wonky teeth as a child – has previously spoken about being so self conscious about her smile that she underwent costly procedures to straighten and whiten her gnashers.

ANSWER: It's… Victoria Beckham who's golden (ball) grin is said to have cost £30K.

Despite the mum-of-four being famous for her Posh pout and rarely flashing a toothy grin, it hasn't stopped her from dropping a heap of cash on getting the perfect photo-worthy smile.

Earlier this year, the Essex native recovered from a £30,000 dental disaster after a veneer replacement procedure with an LA dentist left her unable to talk with swollen gums – leaving her husband David and their kids in a fit of laughter.

3. You wouldn't mess with the owner of these Pricey pearls…

CLUE: This glamour-puss is no stranger to going under the knife no matter what the Price is….

ANSWER: It's Katie Price. The mum-of-five is fearless when it comes to having tweakments both big and small and has vroomed through the veneers spending £95K.

It seems that couples who get teeth treatments together stay together – or at least that's the case for Katie Price and her new beau Carl Woods who are currently in Turkey splashing cash on new veneers.

The car dealer, 31, who has his own money and a £250,000 Lamborghini Diablo back in the UK, accompanied Katie on the trip with her kids Junior, 16, and Princess, 13, from her marriage to ex Peter Andre.

But the teenagers remained at the hotel while the couple headed to their consultations for their new pearly whites, with Katie spotted in the dentist's chair having pictures taken of her teeth.

It's not the first time Katie, 42, has undergone a treatment in Turkey though, as the mum-of-five – who has reportedly spent £500k on cosmetic surgery – previously visited Turkey with her former flame Kris Boyson last year for a new set of chompers – after getting her first set over 15 years ago.

In 2015 she revealed she had spent £95k on her teeth to date, but with two trips to Turkey that we know of, that amount has since gone up.

4. Who grafted their way with this glowing grin?

CLUE: We were first drawn to the hunk's blinding smile in 2018 where his teeth were the talk of the town both in and out of a certain villa in Majorca.

ANSWER: It's…Love Island star Jack Fincham.

The former page 3 girl isn't the only one to go abroad to Turkey for dental treatments, though, with former Lover Islander Jack Fincham, 26, also coming back with a new gleaming set.

Fans were quick to point out the drastic change comparing his pearly chomps he got done in Turkey – where it's supposedly much cheaper – with old snaps on his socials revealing completely different gnashers.

5. This golden grin can only belong to one Geordie lass…

CLUE: Not one to shy away from a little nip and tuck this reality star debuted her new set of teeth in 2016, after getting them fitted in 2015.

ANSWER: It's…Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry, 24, who isn't a stranger to surgery and splurges £28K on her teeth alone.

The former Geordie Shore star shared her excitement over her new gnashers on Twitter donning saying she was "buzzing" about her veneers, and she's even been known to plug a few teeth whiting brands on her socials – opting for at home treatments to maintain her pearly whites.

In 2018, the star revealed that she has spent upwards on £50k on cosmetic surgery – changing up her boobs, cheeks, lips, chin, nose and eyebrows, among others – with her new smile setting her back £28k.

6. The only way is… veneers for this reality lad…

CLUE: It's no secret that this reality favourite has spent a pretty penny on Botox treatments to maintain his youthful appearance, as well as a trip to Turkey to change the shape of his nose.

ANSWER: It's… TOWIE's Bobby Norris.

But aside from the Botox and tweakments to keep him looking youthful, the TV personality owes his beaming smile to a set on porcelain veneers.

Bobby visited the Harley Street Smile Clinic in London last year, where he was set up with eight new teeth completely transforming his look for the estimated cost of £10K.

7. Only Girls with sparking smiles are 'Aloud' in her gang…

CLUE: This mum-of-one's gleaming Geordie grin charmed the nation as a member of one of the UK's biggest girl bands.

ANSWER: It's…Cheryl.

As a fresh-faced pop hopeful back in 2002, Cheryl's showed off a naturally crooked smile.

Fast forward to 2009, the Girls Aloud singer was on the other side of the judging panel with a set of gnashers to rival her boss Simon Cowell's.

At the time the Daily Mail claimed that Cheryl was spending "£8,000-a-year on her teeth and £1,500 on whitening every year."

She spoke to the publication about how she had an Invisalign brace which she was wearing every night as part of her quest for the perfect smile.

In addition, the former singer reportedly spends over £200k per year on maintaining her overall looks

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