From failing to make the first move to wanting to do it in the dark – men have revealed the 10 biggest sex mistakes women make in the bedroom

MEN have revealed the most annoying things women do in the bedroom, from faking an orgasm to talking during sex.

An important part of the relationship, sexual chemistry is a must for couples.

But even if you think you're dynamite in bed, men have revealed the top 10 mistakes women make – and you might be doing them without realising it.

The biggest turn-off for men is women never initiating sex, with 64 per cent citing this as the top mood killer.

In joint first place is women always wanting to turn the lights off before jumping into bed, with the same number of men saying this was a pet peeve.

In third place is faking an orgasm, with nearly half of men – 46 per cent – claiming they can always tell.

Top 10 mistakes women make in the bedroom

  1. Fail to initiate sex
  2. Always wanting sex in the dark
  3. Faking an orgasm
  4. Talking too much
  5. Never asking for anything new
  6. Mentioning what a previous lover did in bed
  7. Over-thinking sex
  8. Being too timid
  9. Believing he is always up for sex
  10. Worrying too much about how they look

Close behind was talking to much during the deed, with 42 per cent of men saying this irritated them.

And making up the top five was never mixing things up and doing something different, with 30 per cent of men saying they wished their partner would ask for something new.

The research was conducted by, who also found that women's biggest annoyances are men skipping foreplay, having an orgasm first and being clumsy.

Top 10 mistakes men make in the bedroom

  1. Skipping on foreplay and rushing straight into full sex
  2. Having an orgasm first
  3. Being clumsy
  4. Talking dirty in a crude way
  5. Lack of communication/intimacy after sex
  6. Fall asleep as soon as they have finished
  7. Commenting on women’s body shape
  8. Assume you know what she wants
  9. Rigidly stick to your plan and ignoring her body language
  10. Keep it completely physical with no emotional connection spokeswoman, Jessica Leoni, said: "We find that what drives people to have an affair primarily is a lack sexual satisfaction at home.

"The key reason why both men and women are fed up with their partners is because they are not prepared to change and keep making these fundamental mistakes in the bedroom.

"If you avoid these simple mistakes there is less risk of your partner cheating.

"And you have a much better chance of pleasing a new lover if you do decide to cheat."



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