Fuming woman arrives home to confront her ‘cheating husband’ but is in stitches when she sees out what he’s REALLY up to

A FUMING wife thought she caught her husband cheating, after she came home one night and spotted something suspicious through the window. 

A woman, called Maggie, was approaching her front door when she heard music blaring out, and coloured lights flashing inside. 

Maggie shared the saga to TikTok, saying: “I just got home and I hear music blasting.”

As she walks up to the window she can see someone through the glass – and it looks as if they’ve got long hair. 

Shocked, she rages: “Is that a f*****g girl in there?

“Tell me that’s not my husband and a f*****g other girl in there.”

She bursts through the door expecting a showdown with her husband and the ‘other woman’ – but she’s not prepared for what she finds. 

Rather than cheating, her other half and his pal are having a karaoke night, complete with electric guitars, and they're doing a rendition of Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer. 

The ‘woman’ with long hair she could see from outside is actually her husband, in a wig, while he’s also wearing her jeans. 

She shouts above the music: “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. I thought you were a f*****g woman in here.”

Her husband gives her an impressive guitar solo, as she presumably leaves them to it. 

The hilarious blunder has been watched thousands of times, as the mix-up left people in stitches. 

One said: “I love how they don’t stop singing.”

Someone else wrote: “Classic case of ‘what my girl thinks I’m doing vs what I’m actually doing’.”

A third commented: “Nothing to see here, it’s just boys being boys.” 

While this person wrote: “This is the greatest plot twist ever.”

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