Gardening tips 2022 — Expert reveals cheap trick to make your lawn greener –  see how $1 spice can transform your grass | The Sun

IF you are struggling to get a greener lawn, there is one cheap spice that can transform your grass, according to one expert.

All you need to make your grass greener and healthier is cinnamon, according to Joe, a lawn care expert who runs the gardening site, Joe's Lawn Care.

He wrote on his website that cinnamon contains anti-fungal qualities that prevent and stop diseases from spreading on seedlings.

"That could be your lovely new lawn or it could be that veg patch you tried to start in Lockdown 1.0."

"This is because most fungus needs moisture in order to spread and, […] cinnamon sucks the moisture out of the fungi. Oh, and it smells great too."

Without fungi in your garden, your lawn will be looking healthy as can be.

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  • Jennifer Korn

    $4 weed killer

    According to the experts, the secret to a weed-free garden and lawn is lime, and no, it’s not the kind you eat.

    Lime used in gardens is made from crushed-up limestone, rock, or dolomite, and when applied to soil, it raises the pH level, making the soil less acidic.

    Lime also contains magnesium and calcium, which are vital for a healthy garden.

    It’s actually the lack of calcium in soil that provides the condition for weeds to thrive in.

  • Jennifer Korn

    Organize with a storage shed

    Installing some form of storage, such as a shed, is essential in keeping your garden clean and tidy and it’s the first step to achieving a stylish look.

    If you already have a shed, don’t forget to give it a fresh coat of paint by choosing a color that will match the rest of your garden furniture.

  • Jennifer Korn

    How pool noodles can help your garden

    A garden pro named Jamie, who goes by @mama.jmarie on TikTok, loves the look of oversized planters.

    These giant pots, however, are sometimes hard to fill so that the flowers stand tall enough.

    Jamie said she has an easy solution— and it only requires one Dollar Tree purchase.

    “For those large flower pots, use pool noodles to take up extra space,” she said, while cutting up chunks of a foam noodle and placing them at the bottom of the pot.

    “This also provides drainage for your plants.”

  • Jennifer Korn

    Laundry detergent can kill moss

    You can also use remove moss by sprinkling laundry detergent powder over the moss.

    Gardening experts advise that it’s best to do this on a day where it will rain as this will kill the moss.

    However, you can make your own solution by mixing together the detergent and water and pouring it over the moss.

    Once the moss has turned brown (an indicator it is dead) you can sweep it away with a hard-bristled brush.

  • Jennifer Korn

    Vinegar can remove driveway moss

    The rough surface of tarmac, typically used in driveways, gathers and retains water more than other materials – making it the ideal breeding spot for moss.

    Luckily, a simple solution of distilled vinegar and water can kill moss.

    Gardening experts recommend filling a spray bottle with the mixture and spraying daily until the moss dies.

  • Jennifer Korn

    360° garden view

    A gardener shared an incredible 360° view of the garden he was working in.

  • Jennifer Korn

    The secret to fresh flowers

    The key ingredient for fresh flowers, according to horticulture experts, is something you probably already have on hand: household bleach.

    Although it may appear to be the worst thing you could possibly put to your flowers, experts claim that it is the secret to vivid, long-lasting blooms.

    However, it’s vital not to use too much bleach in your flowers; about a quarter teaspoon per liter of water is recommended.

    For an even greater result, some green-fingered experts recommend adding a spoonful of sugar to the bleach.

    The clever trick works because the bleach prevents unpleasant bacteria from proliferating in your vase. These germs clog the stems of the flowers, preventing them from absorbing enough water, but the bleach kills them, resulting in fresh blooms.

  • Jennifer Korn

    Water is critical, especially during summer

    When the heat is at its peak in the middle and late summer, watering is essential. recommends you set up a rain gauge to see how much rain you’re getting from the thunderstorms: one to two inches each week is ideal.

    It’s time to perform some deep watering yourself if you’re not receiving enough rain.

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