Geez Louise! You Could See J Lo's Toned Abs and Neon Pink Bikini From Outer Space

Jennifer Lopez is about to set your screen on fire, and not just ’cause she’s holding a lighter. The recently engaged 49-year-old actress has been getting in touch with her nostalgic roots recently, thanks to her time filming Hustlers. This new movie comes with a throwback wardrobe, which so far includes: low-slung jeans à la 2001, Juicy t-shirts reminiscent of middle school days, and now, a jaw-dropping neon pink bikini.

J Lo shared a snap of her sexy ensemble (and insane abs) on Instagram, and captioned it “I’m a hustler baby… I just want you to know… #Ramona on fire.” There’s no arguing with that, especially when she’s carrying an open flame! Even though she’s “on set and in character” in the photo, J Lo still tackles some of this season’s biggest trends with her triangle top and high-cut bottoms. Keep reading to see a full shot of J Lo’s look, and shop similar two-pieces for yourself.

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