Gigi Hadid, Misty Copeland & More Star In 2019 Pirelli Calendar — Gallery

Behind-the-scenes images from the 2019 Pirelli Calendar are here, and they’re spectacular. See Gigi Hadid posing with Alexander Wang, and more stars in the high-fashion, gorgeous spread!

Images and videos from the 2019 Pirelli Calendar by Albert Watson have been revealed, and they are stunning. Gigi Hadid and Misty Copeland are featured this year, in spectacular fashion, literally. Gigi was shot with designer Alexander Wang, in NYC, and the rest of the cast was shot in Miami in April for the 10 day shoot. See 25 behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot in the gallery attached above. Photographer “Albert Watson’s interpretation is a visual exploration of the changing nature of ambition and success as told through 4 female protagonists and 3 male supporting protagonists,” Pirelli said in a press release.

“The Cal 2019 tells the tale of four women. These women are playing a role as movie characters and are on the road to achieving or have achieved their goals in life. Albert Watson seeks to narrate their journey, to understand the emotive power of their dreams, the turning points, the moments of victory and defeat, and how they faced each in turn.” Misty Copeland and Calvin Royal III act as dancers who are trying to become stars. “Misty plays the role of a dancer who works in a downtown strip-club,” Pirelli explains. “She dances to support herself and has a boyfriend (Calvin). They live in a small house and together share the same dream of becoming stars.”

“Gigi Hadid and Alexander Wang are acting as a wealthy individual (Gigi) and her confident (Alexander). Story: Gigi plays the role of a wealthy and successful woman. She appears to have it all, but there is sadness amongst her life. She feels safe only in her trusted haven, a flat in New York, where she receives the comfort of her best friend and confidant (Alexander).”

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