Girl, You Better Believe That All 6 of Us Are Wearing the Same Size Swimsuit

Girl, You Better Believe That All 6 of Us Are Wearing the Same Size Swimsuit

Imagine a single swimsuit that fits five different sizes. It seems pretty impossible, right? That the six women before you — all of whom have gorgeous, unique figures — are wearing the same size? Girl, you better believe it. And look at us! Do we seem uncomfortable or tense; worried at all that we should’ve looked in the mirror once more before stepping outside? (S/O to Glamsquad for the hair and makeup!) Nope. That’s because sustainable company Youswim has literally done the unthinkable: invented a universally flattering one-piece and two bikini silhouettes that “adapt to fit you and your body’s natural state of flux.”

The ribbed fabric, made from European-sourced nylon and elastane, stretches in all directions and hugs our curves, though the material is still totally breathable. It kind of feels like magic when you first try it on, because it fits sizes 2 through 10, offering complete coverage. The Aplomb design comes in a One-Piece, High Waist Two-Piece, and Standard Waist Two-Piece, with all three retailing for $129. We certainly felt the miracle of these beautiful swimsuits take hold when we were trying them on all alone, but it was when we got together and started posing for pictures — visually styled by resident senior social media editor Fabiola Lara — that we really got the message about body diversity.

Youswim isn’t just a revolutionary label that has a single goal to amaze people with its technology — it’s an idea that has unified women by encouraging us to accept our bodies not just in one state but in many. As we grow, age, and welcome changes, this article of clothing will come with us, and it’s kind of cool that it’ll come with all of our friends on their own journeys, too. Read on to see and hear about our experience in Youswim, which you’ll probably find looks a lot like a bonding session between women who just feel comfortable in their skin, and join us in celebrating well-made swimwear that literally makes us want to belt out Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.”

Shoot Location: Soho Lofts, Jersey City

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