Home baker mercilessly mocked for DIY version of Colin the Caterpillar with Brits claiming it’s given them 'nightmares'

A PARENT has been mercilessly mocked for attempting a DIY version of a Colin the Caterpillar cake – with Brits claiming it’s given them 'nightmares'. 

The home baker decided to whip up a version of the Marks and Spencer’s iconic cake for a birthday, but it went horribly wrong. 

Instead of a replica of the happy-looking caterpillar, the cake ended up looking like it had been “run over”.

A photo of the disastrous bake was posted on Reddit, and has been upvoted 5,100 times. 

The amateur baker joked in the caption: “Am sure the kids won't be able to tell I skimped on Colin this time…”

One horrified Colin fan wrote: “It’s Colin’s cousin, colon.”

Another added: “Err I think Colin needs an ambulance.”

A third wrote: “He got run over – poor Colin.”

However, some praised the efforts, with one person writing: “That is TERRIFYING. Excellent work.”

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Meanwhile, Marks and Spencer launch Easter Colin the Caterpillar and he’s looking smart.

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