How Love Island’s Molly Mae Hague is morphing into Mrs Hinch – from her love of B&M to her immaculate grey home

SHE might have found fame on reality telly, but Love Island's Molly Mae Hague has since proved to be quite the domestic goddess, admitting she gets "serious satisfaction" from cleaning.

The 21-year-old beauty moved into her Manchester home with boyfriend Tommy Fury earlier this year, and it seems she's looked to Mrs Hinch for inspiration in keeping her pad in tip top shape.

Earlier this week the reality TV star showed off her massive B&M shopping haul, and admitted she's turned to cleaning and organising in lockdown

Her stash proved big enough to rival even the Queen of clean herself,and included some of Mrs Hinch's favourite bargain buys -such as a cleaning Minky and a Scrub Daddy.

But it's not just their bargain buys the pair have in common, as it seems Molly Mae is taking after the Essex-based mum-of-one in other ways too.

From her all-grey home interior, to her rocking blonde waves, it looks like Molly-Mae could become the next go-to for all things home-related.


Mrs Hinch's love for bargain store B&M is widely known, with the star regularly stopping in to pick up cheap goodies for her Essex home.

Sophie will often stock up on cleaning supplies and small home bits, such as candles or baskets, and Molly Mae has followed suit.

The Love Island star shared a snap of her B&M purchases online, admitting she spent a whopping £120 on bits for her home.

She even picked up Mrs Hinch's very own Lenor Winter Edition fabric softener – which has proven hard to get a hold of.

All-grey home

If there's one thing other than cleaning Mrs Hinch is known for, it's her immaculate all-grey pad – and it seems Molly Mae has taking a liking to the style, decking out her own home with the same colour trend.

Their bedrooms are almost identical, both with plush grey headboards and crisp white bedding and perfectly places cushions.

But the shared love of the modern hue is depicted elsewhere in the home, with a smokey-coloured living area, kitchen and laundry too.

And you'd be foolish to think there was a thing out of place in either of their perfect homes, because both Mrs Hinch and Molly Mae ensure things are in tip top shape… ALWAYS.

And with Christmas just around the corner we couldn't talk home interiors without mentioned their massive silver, shiny trees – with Molly Mae and Sophie going for the exact same look.

The reality star beauty recently showed off her impressive Christmas decorations online choosing a selection of stunning grey, silver and white decorations.

And while the beloved cleaning guru, Mrs Hinch, hasn't put her tree up yet, she's previously impressed fans with her own – and it's not surprising it matched her all-grey home.

Last year, her beautiful tree was complete with grey and white baubles, bows and a light-up angel on top, and were betting it's be just as stunning this year.

Platinum locks

Both stars are known for having their luscious blonde tresses out in voluptuous waves, making us regular folk question the state of our own unloved hair.

But surprising fans on Instagram, they've both dabbled in other hairstyles from time to time including incredible mermaid-style locks and a short stylish bob.

The pair have both spoken about wearing hair extsionsions in the past, which is how they each get their enviable golden mane.

And in contrast, both Molly Mae and Mrs Hinch decided to go au naturel earlier this year as they rocked a more natural, shorter do.

It didn't last long though before Sophie popped hers back in saying she missed her longer look,and so to did the Love Island star whose short do lasted little longer than a night.

Loved up selfies

Aside from sharing cleaning tips and tricks with her massive Instagram following, the Essex-based mum regularly shares update about her family, including Ronnie and her husband Jaimie, 42.

The pair met eight years ago while working at the same London-based recruitment company and married in August 2018.

Jamie gave up work last year as Sophie's influencing career took off, and has been her "rock" throughout her turbulent rise to fame.

As for Molly Mae, whose romance with boyfriend Tommy Fury made them both famous famous, she too often shares loved up selfies with her beau online.

While the couple aren't married and don't have a child together, like Sophie and Jaimie, their super cute show of affection for one another is seriously couple goals.

Insta pals

If their Instagram pages are anything to go by, it seems they are quite the fan of each other, often tagging one another in stories for the other to see.

While shopping at B&M, Molly Mae picked up Sophie's very own Lenor fabric softener and tagged her in the post so she could see.

She showed off her special winter edition fabric softener, writing: "Been looking for this everywhere. But it's always sold out, can't wait to try."

But just a few months back it was the home guru Mrs Hinch who copied the TV star's organising ways, and admitted to buying an IKEA unit to store her makeup after Molly Mae did the same.

Thrilled with her new buy, Mrs Hinch posted on her Instagram stories showing her 3.7 million followers the new Ikea Alex unit, which costs £99.

She wrote: "Right guys so I was watching @mollymaehague stories and she had these drawers from Ikea for her makeup and I thought OMG I'm gonna buy them too and have the same as Molly."

In other Hinch-related news, Mrs Hinch was sent ‘twisted, spiteful’ messages about her son Ronnie that caused ‘tears, stress and sleepless nights’.

She also revealed she’s on antidepressants after the constant bullying from online trolls ‘almost destroyed’ her.

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