How quickly can you solve ladder challenge – only 2% of people can get it | The Sun

THERE is a certain way to solve this ladder and doors challenge– but only a fragment of the population can reportedly get it right.  

The illustration below challenges users to the get the girl to the top in the fastest possible time and just two percent of people are said to be capable of figuring it out.  

The tricky challenge was shared by TikTok star Rana Arshard who regularly tests the skills of his loyal fan base.

Posting the challenge online he said: “How fast can you get this girl all the way to the rooftop. Now only two per cent of people can actually do this.

“If you found out a way to get her to the top, let me know in the comments.

“It took me one second,” he added.

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The image left puzzle enthusiasts initially baffled as many debated and strategized online.

“I would go left left up right left left,” one proclaimed as another said: “4 Ups 3 Lefts.”

A third suggested: “Up, left, down, left, up, up, right, left, left, up.”

While a frazzled fourth admitted: “I did it, but I took the long way then I read a comment showing at the easier way.”

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