How to get in shape like the Victoria Secret's models – angels' PT shares 6-step workout you can do at home

But these models aren't just your bog standard waifs.

No, you've got to earn your wings and lingerie – and these girls can certainly hold their own in any gym, as we found out.

The thing is, supermodels have changed.

Models aren't like Kate Moss anymore, racking up lines and drinking their weight in vodka. Today, everyone wants to be lean but fit, toned, strong.

To become a VS angel, you've got to be able to plank like a pro in order to get that athletic shape that doesn't come simply from starving yourself and partying.

One of the most famous angels, Winnie Harlow, used to train with celebrity PT Luke Worthington at high-performance gym Third Space before she moved stateside, and every time she's back in London he puts her through her paces.

And last week, he put us through our paces too.

"The trick to achieving that athletic physique which is what these girls, and the people who put on the show, actually look for, is really strength training," Luke told us.

"So it's not about losing weight and getting super skinny and super thin, it's about focusing on creating that athletic shape."

To train like an angel, you need to get to grips with six simple but firey moves that all target the abs and lower body – your bum muscles, hamstrings and core strength.

Reps are the number of times you do them, sets are the rep chunks.

The best bit? You don't necessarily need a gym to do them:

1. Goblet Squat (12 reps, 3 sets)

We used a 12kg kettlebell but you're not at the gym, you could just use a bottle of water, a pint of milk or…even a baby (for the love of God, be careful!).

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart
  • Hold your weight in front of your chest, elbows bent
  • Make sure your body is completely in-line – hips over ankles, shoulders over hips
  • Bend down towards the ground and drive back up through the heels
  • You should feel it in the butt and backs of the legs

2. Hip Thrust, AKA "The Bum Builder" (12 reps, 3 sets)

This one is a little complicated but again, you could do it using anything weighty you have lying around the house – so long as you have a low bench or ledge similar to the one we used.

  • Sit on the ground with your shoulder blades resting on the bench
  • Hold your weight on upper thigh, arms straight
  • Bend to touch bum down to the ground
  • Then hinge back up, leaning back onto the bench – hips in the air
  • So when you're up, you should have a straight line from shoulders to knees – feet always stay rooted to the ground
  • You should feel this in the bum and the backs of the legs

3. Reverse Lunge (12 reps, 3 sets)

After the butt-blasters, we're into single leg muscle development. That helps with balance and really makes sure that our muscles are properly working on both sides.

Again, super easy to do if you've got, say, a litre bottle of pop or water if you're not at a gym.

  • Hold your weight the same way you did in the goblet squat (a teeny bit away from the body so that you engage the abs)
  • Start with feet in parallel before taking a big step backwards with your right foot – nose over toes
  • You want to make right angles with your legs – so make sure you're coming down enough to really feel the burn in the butt and leg muscles (but be careful not to slam your bent knee into the floor)
  • Do all your lunges on one side, before swapping to the other leg

4. Swiss Ball Leg Curl (8 reps, 3 sets)

This one is tough – and it's even tougher if you opt for the DIY version which involves using tea towels instead of a swiss ball.  Luke told us that if the one bit of equipment he'd buy for home workouts would actually be one of these balls, which you can buy those for a fiver from Amazon or MyProtein.

As well as continuing to work the legs and bum, here's where you'll really start to activate the core and start building those ab muscles.

  • Lie with your back on the floor, your legs straight ahead and your feet resting on the swiss ball
  • Bring the ball towards your bum – hips go up towards the sky, then knees bend, then finally the ball and feet come close
  • Roll the ball back and start again, bending the knees first and finally lowering the hips and the bum the ground
  • Hips, knees, feet; feet, knees hips

Without the ball (trust us, it's a lot harder)

  • Put two teatowels under your feet (this only really works if you have a polished floor)
  • Lift your bum off the floor and pull the tea towels towards your butt
  • Straighten legs and send the feet away

5. Frog Pump (25 reps, 3 sets)

Proof that the least attractive moves build the sexiest bods, the frog pump requires no equipment at all – meaning you can do it anywhere, anytime.

This is your glute finisher and you want to do lots of reps, fast.

  • Lie with your back on the floor
  • Bring your feet together so your legs are in a diamond shape
  • Lift and lower your hips, keeping your knees as far out as they'll go – try not to let them come in at all during this move

6. Core Stabilisation Exercise (12 reps  3 sets)

The last one is targeting the core muscles and again, we're using the swiss ball.

  • On your knees, have your arms straight out ahead of you with your hands clasped together, resting on the ball
  • Engaging your tummy muscles, roll the ball forward – bringing yourself into a plank
  • Roll the ball back so that you're back up in a straight line

Luke told us that he'd recommend starting this workout twice a week and then building up to three times a week.

In between, try to do some cardio work. And as abs and butts are built in the kitchen, you'll need to make sure you're eating a healthy, balanced diet to see any results from this regime.

See you all on the runway next year!

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