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CANDLE wax is a substance that can be very tricky to clean, particularly if it has landed on your clean carpet.

This will undoubtedly be extremely annoying for the homeowner, but there are ways that you can solve this problem.

How to get wax out of a carpet

Candles can be great for establishing a cosy – or romantic – atmosphere.

But it's all too easy to spill melted wax, and only realise when it's already hardened.

This is especially annoying on carpets, as it can't be as easily scraped off.

Thankfully, there are some simple cleaning hacks you can use to remove an unsightly spill.


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All you'll need to do this is:

  • an ice bag or ice pack
  • an iron
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • a butter knife
  • a paper towel or a brown paper bag
  • some carpet-cleaning solution

Got all that? Here's how this approach works.

1. Freeze the wax

Start by freezing the wax.

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To do that, put the ice pack or bag of cubes on top of it.

Leave for around 10 minutes and check to make sure the wax has hardened completely.

2. Scrape the wax off

Once the wax has sufficiently frozen, start scraping it off with a butter knife.

Use a vacuum cleaner to collect the remaining bits of wax.

3. Iron the remaining stain

Next, place a paper towel or a brown paper bag over the stain that remains on the carpet.

Run the iron over it carefully – this should start to absorb some of the wax.

Make sure you keep an eye on the iron and don't allow the paper to burn.

4. Finish off with a cleaning solution

If a stain still remains, you might want to consider using a cleaning solution.

Follow the instructions on your carpet cleaner and vacuum after the suggested time (if this is recommended on the bottle).

How to clean a carpet

Cleaning your carpet may not sound like a barrel of laughs, but as we all know, having a spring clean can do wonders for our mental wellbeing.

If it's been a while since you last gave your carpet a proper once over, and you're wondering what the best approach is, we've got some great, simple tips.

1. Clear the area

It's really important to be able to reach every corner of the room, especially bits that are usually hidden.

As you may be using cleaning products, cover your furniture in plastic so it doesn't get damaged by any of the chemicals you use.

Remove anything that might obstruct the vacuum, and ensure that the carpet is flat and there aren't bumps or wrinkles where dust can hide.

2. Vacuum

Sounds obvious, but it's about how you do it.

Start from the back of the room to the front and then back again.

Alternating between horizontal and vertical motions will help remove dust from the fibres.

3. Create your own cleaning solution

There are plenty of commercially available carpet cleaners, but if you're trying to avoid using harsh chemicals, and save a bit of money, it's really easy to make your own.

You can make your own DIY cleaning potion by mixing salt, vinegar and borax.

A quarter cup of each will be enough, mix it together into a paste.

4. Apply the paste to the stained areas

Next, put cover the soles of your shoes with plastic bags.

This will prevent you from working dirt into the carpet while it's wet.

Also bear in mind that your homemade solution can be irritating to your skin, so don't walk around barefoot, and use rubber gloves when applying it.

Apply a generous amount to the areas where there are visible stains.

5. Help the solution dry

Open some windows and turn on a fan if you've got one to ensure the room is well ventilated

Leave the solution to do its magic until it's dry, it should be dry after six hours, but it may take longer.

Don't leave it for longer than 24 hours as you risk it getting mouldy.

Vacuum it all off once, it's dry.

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Make sure you clean it thoroughly, especially if you've got pets or young children, as it can irritate their skin and can be highly dangerous if ingested.

Ensure that you keep borax in a sealed container in a safe place so small hands and paws can't reach it.

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