How to give your old garden furniture a total revamp for a TENNER – all you need is some tester paint pots

IF you're wanting to redo your garden but the thought of going broke is putting you off, then you're in luck, because you can spruce up your space for as little as a tenner.

In fact, you don't have to do much at all to get a whole new look as a simple lick of paint might be all you need.

If you're bored with your current outdoor furniture, you can easily paint over it, which will give your wooden chairs and tables a new lease of life

In most cases you'll need little more than a paint tester pot, which are often free or incredibly cheap – otherwise, a full tub can be used time and time again.

Be sure to sand it back first for a nice even finish, though, and make sure it's a durable weather-proof paint so that it goes the distance.

Alternatively, you can paint your tired fence or grotty floor instead which will make your current furniture look entirely different.

Don't believe us? Just ask Sarah Takhtash, 39, from Manchester who did this very thing after picking up a table for free on Facebook Marketplace.

It didn't quite match her concrete area so she coated her timber fence and brick walls in a lick of green paint.

The whole space now looks cosy and modern – all for super cheap.

Stencil it in

Another way you can spruce up your space is by using a stencil and a paint tester pot.

DIY fans have been using stencils to transform everything from floors and walls and even some furniture.

You can pick them up from homeware stores or online, with crafty DIY-ers using white, black or grey paint on them for a modern, sleek look.

Nicola, a mum-of-two, created a stunning, boho-style patio all by hand – thanks to, you guessed it, a simple paint job.

She used a stencil and a paintbrush on her grotty concrete slabs, and completely transformed her garden.

Elsewhere, Victoria, from Milton Keynes transform her concrete garden into a Meditereaan-inspired oasis with some help from a stencil and some grey paint.

DIY with pallets

You can also replace your outdoor furniture entirely, but you don't have to spend big to replace it.

Instead, try using wooden pallets to make bench seats, tables and even chairs as many have done in the past.

In most case, people have picked them up for free and have painted them to match their gardens.

One savvy homeowner said she found old pallets lying around her neighbourhood and put them together without too much effort. 

The finished result looked extremely chic, and was decorated with fairy lights. 

Another revealed her stunning outdoor bench seating admitting it cost her just £22 – but that's including a range of trendy cushions which "cost more than the bench and table."

In fact, she sourced the pallets for just £8 and painted it black – so the whole thing was super cheap and easy to do.

Feeling tyred

If you've got any old tyres laying around, one woman showed how to make a super chic outdoor coffee table – and she did it all for a bargain price.

The table is made up of a whole tyre which she'd wrapped in brown twine before painting it a luxe shade of grey to blend in with her outdoor colour palette.

The crafty DIY fan filled the hole in the tyre with MDF circles to create a flat surface, and glued the entire structure to another half tyre for both height and visual effect.

Foe more garden inspo, people are transforming their gardens for just a few quid thanks to B&M’s fairy light curtains – and they look SO pretty.

Meanwhile, this family totally revamp their worn out garden during lockdown complete with seating areas, a fireplace and a playground.

Plus this woman transforms garden into trendy chill out space for just £100 using bargains from Homebase.

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