How to stay fit for the holidays according to your star sign – with Leos going for paleo diet & Aries laying off booze

AN ASTROLOGER has revealed the best ways for each star sign to keep on track with their health ahead of the holidays.

Inbaal Honigman, 47, from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, studies the star signs for a living and has warned that some of us may be in for a rude awakening come January if we don’t keep our health in check now.

“The festive season is upon us, and none of us wants to be part of that old statistic – that people on average gain 7lbs around Christmas,” Inbaal told Jam Press.

“From parties every night, boxes of Roses in the office, and icy conditions canceling our run outdoors, we're likely to gain most of this excess before the turkey even enters the oven.

“This season isn't about taking it easy on the 25th, but about being more organized throughout the month, so that it doesn't become a four-week free-for-all, and we reach the new year unable to climb up a flight of stairs without puffing.”

Inbaal says that for most people, just one “mindful tweak” can make all the difference this month – and has looked to the Zodiac to break down the best tips for each sign.


The sign of the ram is generally active at the best of times – so where do the extra lbs come from?

Inbaal said: “Check what's in your glass. Your love of socializing, chatting, and partying could result in extra alcohol calories which you neither want nor need.

“Increase your drinks in size and decrease in calories by scaling back from doubles to singles, making sure your mixers are calorie-free… and do we think it's time to bring back the spritzer?”

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For Taureans, portion control goes out the window around party season – so Inbaal recommends incorporating more exercise into your routine.

She said: “Taureans love big portions and hearty meals, and usually have quite a balanced life of consumption and expenditure – so you eat big and then play big, going on long hikes whenever your schedule allows.

“In winter, those long walks shorten by a lot – so be mindful to spend more time off the sofa. Your big, hearty thinking makes you believe that only big workouts can make big changes, but that's not true.

“Getting up for a ten-minute boogie, or walking to work the day after the party, will all add up and together make a big change, so you'll be feeling stronger and lighter come January.”


The social butterflies of the Zodiac, it is all too easy for Geminis to get wrapped up in the festive season – but never missing a party can take its toll.

The astrologer advised: “Buzzing with nervous energy, you're not likely to gain an ounce even in a year of Decembers. You rarely sit down, you're always on the go, and burn off excess stress by fitting in a workout most days.

“However, your partying habit, which allows you to hide your social anxiety at times, can result in being quite weak on the inside, while appearing very athletic on the outside.

“Try to stick with virgin cocktails midweek and leave the stronger stuff for the weekends, to spare yourself the sore head and sore liver of party season.”


Family-loving Cancer’s enjoy warm, cozy gatherings and hearty feasts throughout December, but Inbaal recommends finding a more balanced approach to your daily meals to help make up for any guilty pleasures.

She said: “Six-course dinners don't have to be an everyday feature. Keep a nice balance by saying yes to your nights out (and in!) while opting for lighter, leaner breakfasts and lunches, if you'd like to keep yourself in your healthy living loop, without giving up on your winter delights.”


For the lion sign, Inbaal recommends following the diet of the big cat in a more literal sense – by eating paleo for a period and avoiding carb-heavy meals.

She said: “Impressive looking, powerful and magnetic, you have so many friends and followers, you just can't keep up with everybody all the time.

“You love looking your best, and enjoy all the attention brought on by your amazing hair, your amazing style, and your amazing figure, so make some clever choices this season.

“You can't give up all your yummy treats – so like a Lion, go paleo where you can. You can't fit your entire workout routine into this month – so when there's time, just lift stuff.

“You'll snap right back to your regular self by January 1st.”


The most organized of the signs, Virgos should have little trouble planning their meals and scheduling workouts – so instead, the astrologer says it is time to loosen the reigns while keeping active.

Inbaal said: “The most organized of all of the star signs, you leave nothing to chance. You know what every meal will be, you plan your fitness routine in advance, and everything is meticulously neat – from your perfect trainers to your flawless laundry routine.

“Give yourself permission to let your hair down – in a pre-planned, safe environment. And you have your wits about you, so you never lose control completely.

“You'll go and have fun, you'll eat and drink and be merry – just keep active! With all the extra nourishment, you'll be popping out personal bests all month.”


The astrologer said: “Balance is the name of the game for gentle, friendly, softly spoken Libra. The sign of the Scale shows how every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

“December is just another month to you – and balance is a way of life, not a resolution you need to keep.

“As the year draws to an end, and your CrossFit instructor takes their annual leave, you'll feel compelled to do some squats in the kitchen, prompted by nothing at all.

“With each mimosa you order at the office Christmas bash, you'll ask for a big glass of water to alternate, and won't think anything of it.

“Your innate sense of balance is a lifesaver so often, and this is another time when it proves its worth.”


Mysterious Scorpions are advised to prioritize their mental health ahead of the physical to ensure they don’t overdo it this party season.

Inbaal said: “You love projecting this image of being hard and tough on the outside, but you're actually quite sensitive and kind on the inside.

“When it comes to your wellness, you have to prioritize your mental wellbeing ahead of any physical traits.

“Nothing is more important than stress-busting for your overall strength – so take a careful look at your options, and really consider.

“A two-hour meet-up with a few gym friends you love? That's a yes. An all-nighter out of town with your cousin's ex-wife? Less necessary.

“Be brutal, pick your favorites, and then go out and enjoy those to the full.”


For the fearless and direct sign of the goat, Inbaal also recommends looking inward to keep tabs on emotions rather than focusing on a fitness regime.

She said: “Surrounded by people who want to curry favor with you, the risk is that you'll find yourself at fancy shindigs every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

“Your health won't suffer – you're a feast-or-famine sign. You're either on a full bender (in which case, when the fun stops, stop), or you see no problem in saying 'no' to that extra sprout, that extra slice of Yule log, or that extra trip to the off-license for a box of red.

“A physical Earth sign, you are on your feet all day anyway – you'll have calves of steel after a month of parties.

“But your challenge during the festive period is a mental one – knowing who's a friend and who's a chancer, and also knowing when the party has ended.”


For artistic Aquarians, the festive season might look a little different from the other signs.

Inbaal said: “Since you shun noisy nightclubs, with your dislike of noise and mess, and favor more subtle environments, like arthouse venues and bookstores, you're less likely to bump into health-hazards than other signs.

“You're also quite devoted to your fitness and wellness habits since you need those for dealing with everyday stresses, and not with your dress size in mind.

“The festive season for you is more of a social minefield than a calorie bomb, so put yourself first and do what feels right to you.”


With their all-or-nothing approach, Pisceans should narrow down their focus for the season.

Inbaal said: “The symbol of the Fish shows how Pisceans, the final sign of the Wheel, feel most at home when they're fully submerged in something or other. If you're on a health kick, you go all-in. Lettuce, spandex, the lot.

“And when it's December, you're giving Santa a run for his money – mince pies, presents, tinsel, and more.

“Combining two passions isn't easy for you – so narrow things down instead. Don't overstretch yourself, trying to focus both on wellness and also on good times would be a bit much.

“But focusing specifically on making a magical Christmas for the kids in the family will keep you away from the worst offenders, health-wise. At least at the kids' tables, the portions are small and the drinks are innocent!"


Finally, party-loving Sagittarius might need the most help of all when it comes to navigating their health throughout the festive period.

Inbaal said: “Gregarious, generous Sagittarius is a party sign like no other – the sign of the Archer is worn by those who live large and laugh large, and that makes them an asset at every party.

“When the fun is over, though, the Sagittarian is left with a pounding head and garlic breath from over-indulging.

“31 days of this spells bad news – so turn to your active urges and love of the outdoors, and tire yourself out by spending as much of the day as you can on your feet.

“Walking through nature, messing around in empty kids' playgrounds, the trampoline at the local park, are all great places to burn your limitless energy.”

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