I couldn't afford a posh TV stand so made a stunning fake fireplace for £4.50 – I had almost everything I already needed

AFTER splashing out on something like a TV, it makes sense that you'd want to save some cash on all the accompanying accessories.

So why is it that TV stands always seem to cost an absolute fortune? Well rather than dropping another couple of hundred pounds on a swish set-up, savvy mum Jourdyn May Verrett decided to go down a different route.

Speaking to Latest Deals, the mum-of-two, from Texas, explained how she created a stunning fake fireplace for just £4.50.

And the best part is, she basically had everything she needed in the house already.

Jourdyn explained: "I'm currently remodelling and I've sold our living room furniture, so our TV has been sitting on an old pop-up table until I can buy a new TV stand."

While scouring social media for Christmas decoration inspiration, Jourdyn found countless posts of other DIY fans making their own fireplaces and thought she'd give it a go.


"I was instantly obsessed with that idea and decided to make my own version," the mum said. "I really needed to keep things cheap, so I tried to only use what I already had laying around the house."

To begin with, Jourdyn used her toddler's old plastic playpen to create the shape of the fireplace around the pop-up table.

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Next, she cut up four old cardboard boxes and attached them to the playpen with zip ties.

As for the fake mantelpiece, Jourdyn made it out of styrofoam cubes that she stuck together with duct tape and lined up along the table.

She added: "I used everything from rolled paper, poster board, paper towels, and duct tape to fill in any gaps and make the exterior shell as smooth and level as possible."

After this, Jourdyn used fake brick-effect wrapping paper on the outside and sticky wood-grain paper to give it a more realistic and uneven effect.

The mum said: "I got really excited when I finally stepped back and realized it was actually starting to look like a fireplace. I finished it off with some Christmas decor."

What's more, the only thing the mum had to buy was the adhesive paper – which only cost £4.50 – and the whole thing took her four hours."

She explained: "Spending $500 or more on a solid piece of furniture just isn't in the cards for us right now.

"Being able to turn just $6 into something so realistic and usable is something I'm very grateful and proud of. I'm sure I'll buy a real TV stand eventually."

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