I found a secret trap door under my carpet and discovered an ENORMOUS other room underneath my own bedroom

A TIKTOK user has shared how she found a secret trap door under her carpet and found an enormous other room underneath.

In a video titled “secret priest hole in my house”, she showed how the hidden space was found in the corner of a room.

As she peeled back the carpet, it revealed a wooden slab that could be removed.

Under here was a hole that had a ladder leading down from it.

In a bold move, she descended the ladder to show the hidden priest hole underneath.

In a follow-up video, she explained how her mum is a housemaster of a boys boarding house and their home was built in the 18th century.

She said: “There’s a secret room in the top attic dorm which was used to hide Catholic priests.

“But students used it to hide alcohol and girls.

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“And it’s probably not been cleaned since priests were chilling in there.

“I removed all the rubbish but it’s way too gross for a chill spot.”

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