I gave birth to another woman's baby after doctor's IVF blunder – I still don't know where mine is

A MUM has told of how she gave birth to another woman’s child after an IVF blunder – and still doesn’t know where her baby is.

Olga Alyokhina, 33, was implanted with the fertile egg of another patient and gave birth to the “wrong child”, Denis, who is now two. 

She suspects Denis’ biological parents may now be raising her child.

Olga, from Chelyabinsk in Russia, now desperately wants to find out if her own baby was born to another woman.

She has come forward with her story in an attempt to find a woman she met at an IVF clinic, who she believes may have been mistakenly given her fertilised egg.

Olga has been paid £29,500 compensation by the state-run Chelyabinsk Regional Perinatal Centre where she underwent IVF, due to difficulty becoming pregnant with husband Ivan Alyokhin.

She has described how the day she went in for the extraction of biomaterial, she met a woman in the same ward, whose name she has not been able to recall.

“She said 10 eggs were picked up from her, the same as me,” Olga said. “We met again at the ‘insemination’, sharing the same ward…. I have not seen her since.”

When Olga have birth to Denis in November 2018, the new mum was surprised to learn that her son’s blood group was A, while her blood type is B and her husband’s O.

While the doctor had assured her it was “technically possible”, Olga later did her own research to find the combination was not viable, if Denis was their biological child.

“I carried him but I would open the doors of my house to his biological parents at any time."

“My life turned upside down,” she said. “I was in a deep state of shock and panic. I howled for the whole day but could not tell the reason to anyone.”

The doctors took new blood tests and a DNA test, and three months later were called into the hospital where they were told neither of them were Denis’ biological children.

The hospital suggested she should leave the boy with an orphanage, she said, an idea that left her both upset and furious.

“Denis is not a piece of dried bread in a bakery shop that I don’t want to take.  I accepted my son. He is our child," she said.

While the hospital paid the parents compensation, Olga said they were yet to receive an apology. Citing privacy reasons, hospital staff also refused to divulge the name of the other woman in Olga’s ward, or any other IVF mother who may have been wrongly implanted with her egg. 

“Their  representative behaved so arrogantly,” Olga said. “They looked at us as beggars who came to ask a favour. No regret,  no sympathy.”

Olga said she has struggled with the knowledge, and wondered if the couple who had their biological child had also been told to abandon them.

The hospital could have quietly checked it out, she said, but their refusalto do so meant she went to the media. 

Olga, who also has a seven-year-old daughter, said she would love to foster a relationship with the other family, if they were successful in tracking them down.

While they would consider relocating to be near them, in order to become part of their child’s life, she said there was “no chance” they would swap the children back.

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“I would never give up Denis. I breastfed him. He is our long-awaited child,” she said.

However, she said Denis’ real parents “have the right to know they have a son”.

“I carried him but I would open the doors of my house to his biological parents at any time,” Olga said.

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