I had my lip filler dissolved and ended up in hospital – it was so bad, people say I looked like Homer Simpson

A WOMAN was rushed to hospital after suffering a bad allergic reaction to getting her lip filler dissolved.

Ruby shared the traumatic experience on TikTok, where the video has seen almost 500,000 times in a day.

According to her, the reaction was so bad it left her with a massive upper lip and an extremely swollen face.

Despite smiling in some of the photos, Ruby also added that this has put her off getting her lips done for good.

Viewers were left in stiches, with one finding a striking resemblance between her and Homer Simpson.


''You went from looking like the platypus from Phineas and Ferb to the Chipmunks,'' another observed.

Someone else thought: ''People saying this was a waste of nhs resources, everyone pays their taxes guys, allergic reactions can happen with ANYTHING.''

''I believe anyone who needs treatment should get it regardless of what happened,'' a supportive user agreed.

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''Babe I've got severe allergies myself.

''I've been told not to dissolve my lips because of this reason, a box dye nearly killed me back when I was 18,'' a woman shared her experience.

After seeing the video, one person was traumatised and wrote: ''this is why personally I will never have cosmetic surgery or anything like this its too risky for me!''

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