I hate small talk on dating apps – my simple trick made men ask me out right away and it works every time

DATING apps can be exhausting – but one TikToker thinks she has the perfect plan to help with that.

She claimed she came up with a strategy to skip the small talk and head right out on an in-person date with men.

“I think I found a way for dating apps to be a little less annoying,” Noelle Simpson said at the beginning of a video she shared on her TikTok page.

“If you’re the type of person that’s on dating apps, but you wanna skip the small talk and just meet the person right away, try this,” she said before showing a screenshot of her own profile.

“One of the prompts on Hinge is: ‘The best way to ask me out is by’  and I wrote: ‘Naming the place and time.’ 

“This has got men planning actual dates – unheard of,” she noted.

“I probably got 15, 20 of these,” Noelle gushed as she showed several messages she claimed men sent her giving her a time and place to meet. 

In the caption of the video, she added: “This is a good way to find out their intentions right away.”

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Noelle’s followers were thrilled with the tip, as many called it “genius.”

“Just redownloaded hinge to try this,” one admitted.

“Changing mine immediately!” another exclaimed. 

“I’ve had a variation of this on mine for a while and it works so well!” a Hinge user with personal experience added.

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