I have the neighbour from hell – she pours her kid’s potty on my doorstep and flicks dog poo at my front door

ONE woman says she has the worst neighbour, as the woman next door empties her kids potty in her front garden and even throws her dog's poo at her front door.

Fuming, the woman says that the neighbour's antics are "a daily occurrence."

Taking to her TikTok account, the woman is sharing what the neighbour thinks is acceptable, and people are calling her "disgusting."

In her first video, the mum captioned the post "Neighbour from HELL" as she showed the woman next door, pick up dog poo from her own garden and throwing it over the hedge into hers.

The post that was viewed 122k times has had an influx of comments of people who said she needs to confront the neighbour.

"Put it right in front of her door so she steps on it when she comes out of the house," said one person.

"Let us know what you have done about it, the suspense is killing me I am dying to know what you've done," said another.

A few viewers asked if by any chance it was her dog or cat who had done their business in her next door, and she responded: "Nope my dogs never stepped foot in her front garden."

In another post, the mum reveals that it is not only her dog's poo that the woman throws on her lawn.

"A daily occurrence!" she said, sharing a clip of her next-door neighbour coming over to empty a potty of wee in her garden.

"My neighbour throwing her children's wee out the potty onto my garden," she said.

The follow-up post has been viewed over 90k times and viewers are wondering how she has not confronted her neighbour.

"Just confront her, it is your right. If that was my house I would be at her door right that second" said one person.

"I am sorry but you are so respectfully calm, I wouldn't even wait to record that" commented another.

The majority of viewers are just in disbelief with what the neighbour is doing.

"Like Victorian England with the chamber pot" commented one person.

Another said: "Put that down the toilet…what is wrong with people."

"Why though, just why" commented a third.

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