I made the perfect summer drink using McDonald's creamer – you’ll want to try it | The Sun

A BIG foodie has come across a brilliant yet simple way to make a refreshing summer drink.

Branding himself as "the best slushy maker" on his TikTok account dedicated to food hacks, Hasan Hamad took to the app to share a unique drink with his followers.

After being told that adding some McDonald's creamer to orange Fanta would create an orange creamsicle, Hamad tried the hack out for himself.

Stopping at a McDonald's, Hamad got a cup of orange Fanta from the drink machine.

He proceeded to add two McDonald's creamers to the fizzy drink.

After mixing the drink with a straw, it was ready to go.

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"Looks so creamy," he said of the delicious creation.

The food enthusiast rated the drink highly, giving it a strong twelve out of ten.

People flocked to the comments section of the clip to share their thoughts on the concoction, some adding drink suggestions of their own.

"Makes sense," one person wrote.

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"Work of art," added another.

"Do it with ice cream instead," suggested a third.

With another drink suggestion, someone said: "Try 40 percent sprite, 40 percent lemonade, and 20 percent orange juice."

"Now try [it with] sprite," a final person requested.

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