I spent my last £60 on a tattoo but it ended up crooked AND has an awkward double sexual meaning

A TATTOO is for life so you want your inking to be perfect, right?

If you’ve had a tattoo, it’s quite likely that you’ve spent a while thinking about it and making sure it’s right.

Well, one woman was left horrified when she got a rib tattoo and after she was inked, realised that not only was it crooked but it had an awkward double meaning. 

Mary-Kate Willis took to her TikTok account 'maryjanenotkate’ to share her embarrassing tattoo experience.

She uploaded the video with the caption ‘tattoos r just not 4 everyone’.

Mary-Kate explained: “So I love tattoos right, and I’d probably go and get one every day of the week, if I didn’t have the bad experience I did getting my first impulsive one.

“So my first one I had ever got, I planned for months in advance, did a tonne of research.

“My parents were paying for it so they wanted me to be super educated and made sure I wanted it.

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“I’ve almost had it for two years and it’s like one of those tattoos I know I’ll love when I’m an old lady. 

“You know what I mean? I’ll be so glad I did it.

“But I have this other tattoo…that I got a year ago today. 

“Oh my god…

“I feel like I can kinda laugh about it now but I’m still in very much pain because it’s on my body forever.

“I had $80, my best friend in the passenger seat of my car and an inspiration pic from VSCO. 

“And we drove to this suspicious place and I got a rib tattoo.

“Not only is it crooked but it has a double sexual meaning.

“I should not be allowed to have money or responsibilities.” 

Mary-Kate didn’t actually show off her tattoo in the video, leaving TikTok users scrambling in the comments, begging her to do a tattoo reveal.

The video has clearly got many people invested, as it has racked up a whopping 5 million views. 

It has 814.6k likes, 1,571 comments and 589 comments.


One person said: “I would like to see said tattoos.” 

Another added: “You gunna show us orrrr…?”

A third commented: “Don't be shy show ussss.” 

Mary-Kate then followed up with another video, showing off her crooked tattoo.

The tattoo is on her ribs and it says “They come, they go.”

Mary-Kate said, if you don’t get the double meaning, then “ask your parents.” 

Mary-Kate’s tattoo reveal has racked up 685.5k views on TikTok and has got many people talking. 

One user said: “OH MY LORD.”

Another commented: “Haaaa that’s hilarious.” 

A third added: “Get a cover up.”

However, not everyone was as embarrassed by the tattoo as Mary-Kate was.

One TikTok user commented: “I actually like it lol.”

Another added: “Girl it’s not that bad.”

A third said: “I don’t think it’s THAT bad.”

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