I was humiliated when my date suggested we ‘dress up’ to make our night out less awkward – but I read his text wrong

ONE woman has told of how she was excited to go on a first date when the guy suggested they both 'dress up' in costumes to break the ice.

Amelia Samson said that she is always down for a theme so thought it was a great idea, but did not realise her date was joking.

Taking to her TikTok platform, Amelia explained how the theme she thought they were going for was obnoxious tourists.

Posting under the domain @ameliasamson, the woman said: "What is a red flag that you should not have ignored about someone you were dating, I'll go first."

"I had a first date planned with a guy that I was really excited about, super cute, really smart, and he has this idea of dressing up in a theme as an icebreaker for our first date," said Amelia.

Adding: "He said let's dress up as really obnoxious tourists for our first date, and I LOVED that idea. I'm always down for a theme. Any themed party, I'm going over the top."


Amelia was in the middle of moving but still managed to pull a costume together, including a hat and oversized sunglasses, and her dad's shirt that she borrowed.

When she walked into the restaurant she noticed her date, and to her horror, he was not dressed up at all.

"I walk into the restaurant and he is not in theme.So I said 'you're not in theme?' and he was like 'ya I was kidding.' I was too committed at that point so I stayed like that the entire date" said Amelia.

"Kept the sunglasses on, kept the fanny pack on, and I went out with him again" she added.

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Amelia's date ended it after the second meeting due to thinking she was "too political."

"He said I was too political because I asked him if he voted. I might be political, but at least I'm not boring" she added.

In her caption, Amelia said: "Before you ask, I am not sure why I went out with him again."

Amelia's post has been viewed over424k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"He embarrassed you on purpose. On a first date. Throw the whole man away" commented one person.

Another added: "The moment I saw he wasn't in theme, I would've said 'sorry, I'm looking for a fellow tourist' and walked out."

"That sounded so found. And that sounds humiliating that he was 'kidding' and failed to let you in on the joke" commented a third.

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