I'll make cash from baby bump on OnlyFans after falling pregnant at 39 – it's a money-spinner, says NHS nose job blagger

AFTER earning £40,000 selling saucy snaps on her OnlyFans account, it came as quite a shock when Carla Bellucci discovered she was pregnant at 39.

But the mum, who previously blagged a free NHS nose job by faking depression, is determined not to let her bump stop her from earning.

In fact Carla, who is already a mum-of-three, is convinced that it will help her to make even more money.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital Carla, from Hitchin, Herts, said: “I’m going to keep going with my OnlyFans.

“I reckon there’s a big market for people with pregnancy fetishes and at the end of the day I still need to make money.

“People go on the beach in bikinis while they’re pregnant – what’s the difference? I’m not nude!”

But while Carla is more than happy to flaunt her bump online, she says that once the baby is born fans won’t catch a glimpse of them unless they’re willing to pay.

“We’ve made the decision that this baby is not going on social media, unless somebody offers the right price,” Carla says.

“The baby hasn’t got a choice to be put up there and the way trolls are… I went into this industry very naive, I didn’t realise we’d be getting death threats.

I reckon there’s a big market for people with pregnancy fetishes and at the end of the day I still need to make money

“I feel like I have a duty to protect this baby because people hate me more than they ever had.”

And just how much is Carla willing to share her baby for?

“I’d want a good magazine deal, I’d want around £15,000,” she says.

“I know it’s not loads of money but I am not Katie Price so can’t ask for half a million just yet.”

The baby will be Carla’s fourth, and there will be a 19 year age gap between her oldest and her youngest.

While Carla, who is four months pregnant, wants to keep her partner anonymous, she says that he is also already a parent and the news came as a great surprise to them both.

“I’m 40 this year! I don’t think anyone was expecting this,” she tells Fabulous.

“We weren’t trying, and my partner is 51 so he was very shocked at his age, but he’s really looking forward to being a dad again.

“It’s a total u-turn to what we thought life would throw at us, out kids are getting older, his eldest daughter is 24 and my son is 19 this year.”

Carla previously told Fabulous how she had been outraged over the amount of mums who had let themselves go in lockdown.

She says that her fourth pregnancy will give her the chance to prove that you don’t have to be a ‘scummy mummy.’

“I’m just going to keep being a yummy mummy,” she says.

“I actually had horrendous morning sickness so I lost weight which has given me a bit of a head start.

“I am going to give myself four weeks after I’ve had the baby to be back in shape.

“This is my chance to prove that you don’t have to turn into a scummy mummy.”

But while Carla says that her looks are important, above all she is focussed on being a great mum to her baby.

She adds: “People don’t agree with my parenting skills but I know I’m a really good mum, and that’s something I’m really confident about.

“I’m not perfect but nobody is. No matter what I do in life I am good mum.”

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