I’m 21 and a mum-of-three & I’m sick of people saying I have it easy because I ‘only’ work two hours a day

ONE young mum is hitting back at critics who are saying she is living in a free house and only has to work two hours a day.

The 21-year-old mum of three, Keeley Leigh said that with two babies, and a five-year-old, she does not have the option to work full time, but is trying her best.

Taking to her TikTok account, the mum who works as a cleaner hit back at a comment that said "Two hours a week? I work 37.5 and have 75% of my wage going into bills just for people who pop out kids to get a free house."

Posting under the domain @keeleyleighxo the mum said "I just wanted to address this comment."

Keeley said: "I'm so glad you can work 37.5 hours a week, but I can only work 10. I do two hours a day not a week, and that's in the evening when their dad takes over."

"He watches them when I go to work, and that works for us obviously. That's all that we can do at the moment, we don't really have a choice" added the mum.


Keeley, who had her first baby when she was 14, opened up about why she was provided with a home, as she was in care until the age of 18.

"The free house situation, I didn't get a free house because I popped out some kids. I got a HOME because I left care at the age of 18, with nowhere to go" she said.

"Obviously the care system just drop you from that point, and give you a house, and be on your merry way."

The TikToker's post has been viewed 68.2k times and users of the platform have been quick to comment.

"Two hours cleaning is basically the same exertion and effort as 37.5 hours at some desk. Cleaners unite" commented one person.

Another added: "I love that you are still smiling and not letting the small-minded people get to you. You shouldn't have to explain yourself to somebody like that."

"Ignore these horrid comments. From your video, I can see that you're a beautiful, fantastic Mumma to your three gorgeous children" commented a third.

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