“I’m a fashion writer and this is the one-size-fits-all swimwear brand I swear by”

Written by Naomi May

One-size-fits-all swimwear has never looked or  felt better, thanks to YouSwim, one of the swimwear world’s best-kept secrets.

You know the feeling: wriggling your body into a swimsuit or bikini, your reflection staring back at you through the aggressive glare of the changing room’s lighting. Once the swimwear is on, you instantly frown and baulk, tucking and sucking parts of your body in.

Shopping for swimwear is far from pleasurable, and it’s been this way for aeons. Now, finally, there are brands rearing their heads that have created and crafted truly exceptional swimwear that fits all manner of bodies.  

Inclusive swimwear brands 2022: You Swim is a brand to know

As somebody who has spent much of her life hating swimwear shopping and despising all manner of bikinis, there’s one such brand that I need everybody to know about that will make the arduous task of swimwear shopping a breeze: YouSwim.

Founded in 2018, this is a brand that stocks just one size of swimwear, and the brand’s founders, Australians Elise Wallbank and Julian Tali, are keen to let you know that no sweatshops were used to create any of their pieces. The premise was to make swimwear that accommodated seven sizes in one. 

Inclusive swimwear brands 2022: You Swim is a brand to know

Before you scrunch up your nose with derision though, hear me out: yes, this really is a swimwear brand that suits every body. For my pear-shaped body, I opted for the Poise Cheeky two-piece, which is by far the comfiest bikini I own. An hourglass-shaped friend of mine snapped up the Aplomb one-piece in a juicy, zesty raspberry colourway. And another friend, who swears she’s never found any swimwear that properly fits her shape, now swears by YouSwim’s Eva one-piece.

I’ve whispered the virtues of YouSwim to everybody I know that’s venturing within a couple of yards of a body of water. This is the swimwear you need, and your summer wardrobe will thank you later. 

Shop YouSwim here.

Images: courtesy of Ebony Talijancich

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