I'm a hairdresser and there are six types of clients – so are YOU The Helper or Phone Girl?

A PROFESSIONAL hairstylist has revealed the different types of clients – from The Helper to The Chatty Phone Girl, which category do you belong to?

Those working in a hair salon see dozens of clients each day and over time begin to notice similarities and certain characteristics people have – and the 21-year-old hairstylist, Danielle Rose, is no exception.

Taking it to TikTok, the expert revealed a list of different clients and their habits during the shampooing process.

According to her, the first one is someone who doesn't sit properly and has positioned themselves too far away from the basin, with their long locks hanging below.

Next up in the viral clip, which has been viewed close to 851,000 times so far, is someone quite the opposite.

This person, Danielle revealed, sits too closely and maintains a very intense eye contact.

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She called this: ''The one who stars into your soul [sic].''

Those who've been to a professional salon know how difficult and hectic being a hairdresser can be – from running between three different clients to dealing with a bleach disaster, it's certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Seeing them often struggle makes some want to make their day easier – and here is where The Helper will come to save the day.

The Helper, according to the 21-year-old, will lift their head properly so the expert can shampoo the locks better.

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Not so aware of their surrounds, on the other hand, will be The Phone Talker.

Instead of helping or relaxing, this chatty person will do business or have a catch-up with a friend or a family member whilst Danielle is working on their hair.

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In most cases, hairdressers will do their best to not get your ears or forehead soaking wet.

But despite their best efforts, that doesn't mean that occasionally some water will end up splashing somewhere else.

And for The Constant Ear Cleaner this is a big no-no – they will grab the corner of their towel and dry their ears every few seconds.

The last one of the list, Danielle revealed, is the one who always complains about the temperature of water used to shampoo their hair.

The ''That's Too Hot!!'' will jump away feeling the hot stream of water touching their scalp.

Danielle's video left people in hysterics, with many running to comments to reveal which type of client they are.

''I’m the stare at the ceiling until it’s over and not say if it’s too hot or too cold and only talk if the stylist talks to me,'' said someone.

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Another wrote: ''I always just keep my eyes shut bc [because] I don’t know where to look I’m too awkward [sic].''

A third chuckled: ''I am just sitting, being quiet and waiting for your instructions.''

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