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WHILE there's no denying that summer puts a spring in our step, there's one big bugbear that comes with hotter temperatures – and that's flies.

Whether they're in the house or buzzing around your face while you're trying to take a nap on the sunbed, there's just no avoiding them – that is, until now.

That's because a home expert has revealed the very easy way to get rid of them – and it takes a matter of minutes.

And perhaps the best part? You've got all of the items in your kitchen.

Ceith Griffith, who is from the US and often shares home hacks to social media, took to TikTok and shared: “How to get rid of flies”.

In the clip, he begins: "I’ve been getting this question a lot so I’m going to show you the best way to get rid of flies inside your house, on your porch and wherever you’ve got flies."


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I’m going to show you a guaranteed way to kill them."

He then notes how just four items are needed for the game-changing hack – sugar, honey, water and a plastic water bottle.

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“Get a plastic bottle, any plastic bottle will work and cut the top off," Ceith explains.

“Then add four tablespoons of sugar into the plastic bottle.

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“Then add one tablespoon of honey to the bottle.”

He explains that finally, you need to simply add 3oz of water to the solution, before giving it a good mix.

"Then place the top half of the bottle upside-down on the bottom half of the bottle," he says.

To prove that his hack works, Ceith then shows the dead flies caught in the mixture.

“Just to show you guys that it works, in a matter of five minutes, there’s already several flies that it caught,” he notes.

The post has been inundated with comments, with one person writing: "I put it on my porch and it really works."

A second commented: "Awesome – thanks."

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A third enthused: "I used your idea and not only flies but anything that flew to bottle and it doesn't stink. Thanks for idea."

Meanwhile, another praised: "This works for bees too my man uses them while we are outside and it really does distract them from us!! You can use anything sweet."

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