I’m a lazy parent – I don’t play with my daughter, one, she has a double bed instead of a cot & I’ve ditched baby gates

THERE'S no rulebook when it comes to parenting and this mum makes a point of debunking some common myths surrounding what it means to raise a child.

You see, mum-of-one Kristyn Sommer admits to being a super lazy mum who has a slightly different approach to motherhood, but despite what many might think, she claims her method is right.

The Australian mum has a PhD in Child Development so it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about how everything from sleep to food to playtime can effect a child's growth.

She claims to follow an "evidence-based approach" to parenting which she details in a series of clips on TikTok showing off "some of the crazy things" she does as a mum.

Dr Sommer subscribes to the term "lazy parenting" and admits she's proud of being a mum who believes doing less hugely benefits the child.

"I'm super, super lazy," she says in one of her clips. "I subscribe to the term 'lazy parenting'. Basically I sit back and observe my child while she's playing. I try not to get involved."

I don't want to have to be constantly entertaining my child. I like to observe her and help her when she needs it, but not all the time.

Referencing a 'Montessori philosophy', she continues: "Help as little as possible but as much as necessary. Which I think really fits into the 'lazy parenting' ideology.

"I don't want to have to be constantly entertaining my child. I like to observe her and help her when she needs it, but not all the time.

"I also don't interrupt her. And this is a really hard thing to do when you're a parent. But interrupting them stops their workflow, their learning. So that's why I don't interrupt her, unless she asks for help and really needs it."

Other mums were pretty pleased after listening to the mum-of-one as many admitted they don't enjoy playing with their babies.

"This makes me feel so much better about not always being on the floor with my baby. Some days I worry I'm not doing enough," one said.


Another part of the doctor's approach is to put emphasis on 'age appropriate independence'.

While most young tots sleep in a cot for the first one to two years of their life, Kristyn has ditched it altogether and let's her baby sleep in her own double sized bed.

The mum-of-one, who is also against sleep training, said her daughter refused to stay in the cot, so instead of making her, she came up with another solution instead.

"My baby doesn't sleep in a cot and never has," she explained. "We had to sell it."

"She wouldn't let me put her down, she hated it. Instead she has a double bed."

She went on to say that she "trusts" her daughter's independence, but insists she "still does it safely".

My baby doesn't sleep in a cot and never has. We had to sell it. She wouldn't let me put her down, she hated it.

She also doesn't have a baby gate on the stairs and encourages her daughter to roam around freely.

But she has kept one at the top of the stairs for safety reasons, in case her daughter gets out of bed alone.

Replying to some comments from concerned parents, the mum said that she chose the "firmest" mattress they could find with "no pillow top".

This is to avoid a tragedy such as SIDS from occurring – sometimes referred to as "cot death" -which is the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby.

Dr Sommer has now racked up a following of over 100,000 people and has 1.1 million likes on her TikTok page.

She continues to offer advice for other parents while debunking some of the biggest myths, in her opinion, surround modern day parenting.

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