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WITH glaring signs of itching and creatures crawling about, it doesn't take much to realize when you've got a lice infestation on your hands.

A mom by the name of Mary Howard shared her foolproof method for getting those pesky critters out of your kids' locks.

"No shame in catching it, we just aren't keeping it," the mom wrote in a video referring to lice.

She detailed the steps she takes to ensure that her kids' hair is lice-free whenever there's an outbreak.

First, she lathered the hair with soap, making sure it was super sudsy.

She then combed her fingers through the hair, ensuring every inch was covered and tended to.

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After rinsing the soap out, the determined mom blowdried her child's hair. She followed this up by applying more heat with a flat iron, straightening the tresses.

Howard said to be sure to repeat this process for two weeks.

In the comments section of her clip, Howard also shared that she used a lice comb during the process.

She wrote: "I combed four times the first day. Then daily after that. On top of [the] heat and essential oil daily treatments."

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And, in the video's caption, she shared a sentiment that most parents would relate to.

She said: "As a mom, you never want to look down at your little bundle of joy's hair and have to take a second look.

"In almost 20 years of parenting, this is only the second time we've dealt with lice. No shame in catching it.

"You just have to take care of business and get rid of it."

Responding to a viewer in the comments section, she also revealed some knowledge that could quickly help you get rid of stubborn lice.

She said: "It's also key to know they can't live off the head for more than two days.

"[A] weekend away from home will help when a family struggles to get rid of them."

People in the comments section showed appreciation and shared their own stories and tips for ridding of lice.

"Thank you for saying repeat for two weeks! So many [people] don’t understand it’s an ongoing process to actually get rid of them!" one person wrote.

"When I was a kid my mom put a little raid in my hair for a few minutes. Sure as hell killed all of them," another quipped.

Confirming that the heat method works, a third person wrote: "I had lice for like two years straight. We kept trying to get rid of it and it kept coming back! Straightener every day eventually did it!"

With another method, someone shared: "FairyTales Rosemary shampoo & conditioner!! Works better than tea tree oil!! It’s pricey though! But worth it!!"

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"I had it bad as a kid and we put mayonnaise in my hair and let it sit for 30 minutes and rinsed it out with apple cider vinegar," someone added, citing a popular method.

"Put some tea tree oil in their shampoo. I do that every time I buy a new bottle. Haven't had an issue in a few years," a final commenter said.

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