I'm a nail artist & these are the designs I HATE, they're so ugly

IF you work in a customer-facing role, then you've probably had it drilled into you that the client is always right… or at least, that's what we want them to think.

But when you create stunning nail art for a living, it can be hard to bite your tongue when someone requests a design you REALLY don't like – as salon owner Maci Parry knows all too well.

Earlier this year, the young business-owner – who has her own brand of stick-on nails – shared the manicure trends she can't stand.

And while we can understand why diamonte-encrusted nails are a faff, the classic French manicure wasn't spared either.

In a viral video that's racked up over 516,000 "likes", Maci kicked things off by saying this was "just her opinion" and used the hashtag #uglynails.

After finding photos of the offending nails online, Maci admitted that she personally doesn't like a French manicure with thick tips – instead preferring a daintier finish.


And while Maci didn't say she had issue with trendy square-top nails, it's a pet peeve of hers when they're badly done.

Using a Pinterest image as an example, the nail artist took issue with how even the pink ombre manicure was.

Despite being a hugely popular style at the moment, Maci admitted that she isn't a fan of tacky feature nails covered in diamontes.

Listing her fourth least favourite, Maci added: "Just basic ombre and diamonds."

But the one that took us most by surprise? The marble nail trend – which to be fair, must be pretty tough to get right.

After her least favourite trends stirred up heated debate in the comments, Maci came out and said: "Why are you so angry? Let's spread some love.

"I never get asked to do any of these nails anyway, they're not my style. People come to me for nail art."

Jumping to Maci's defence, one viewer replied: "Why is everyone so mad? It's just her opinion."

Hitting back at trolls, another added: "You people are triggered. You're allowed to have an opinion."

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