I’m a skincare expert, there are three products you shouldn’t bother using & why charcoal masks REALLY aren’t worth it | The Sun

A SKINCARE expert has lifted the lid on three popular beauty trends and why she thinks that they’re a total waste of time. 

Dermatologist Dr Aamna Adel, who works in London and has a TikTok profile under the name @dermatology.doctor, shared her thoughts on the trio of popular products in a post titled “Skincare that does not deliver.” 

In the short clip, Dr. Adel began by telling her 291,000 followers that charcoal face masks aren’t all they cracked up to be.

Describing them as “way too harsh”, the skin expert also said that they can also “damage the skin” in the long-run. 

When one of her followers asked her to delve into the subject matter more, she also shared some other facts about why she thinks charcoal masks should be avoided. 

Dr Adel answered: “There are certain forms which are very adherent to the skin so put the surface layer of the skin off on removal leading to irritation, inflammation.” 

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She then moved on to share why she’s not a fan of facial icing – a cryotherapy treatment where ice is applied directly onto the skin. 

The dermatologist explained that the popular technique has “no long term benefit” and can also “cause cold burns.” 

She later added in the comment section that although it “can help reduce inflammation and puffiness temporarily, it has no long term benefits for the skin.”

The third and final product Dr. Adel highlighted was eye masks that are applied under the eye. 

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She said that they often “over promise” and are expensive, before suggesting other things that she believes work considerably better.

The social media user continued: “Eye creams and facial creams are more consistent to use and cheaper.”

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She went on to say: “Eye creams/serums/moisturisers are less expensive and are better used daily compared to eye masks but nice as a treat here and there.” 

Dr Adel has also shared other videos in the past, including how the only three skincare products you need are a good cleanser, moisturiser and SPF.

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