I’m an 18-year-old stay-at-home wife, people slam me for being lazy but I don't care, I like to sleep in the afternoon

CAST your mind back to when you were 18 – and if you're anything like us, you were probably partying non-stop, figuring out your first job and trying to navigate your rocky love life.

But for Clara Bell, life couldn't be more different.

Last year, the teen, from Kentucky, married her boyfriend Trey after just two WEEKS of dating and now considers herself to be a stay-at-home wife.

Although Trey has not disclosed what he does for a living, the 20-year-old revealed on their shared TikTok page that he works 12 hour shifts to support them.

He joked: "When you work from 9am-9pm and she wakes up at 3pm, goes to TJ Maxx and does her make-up but complains that SHE'S tired."

Earlier this year, Clara went viral when she shared a video of a typical "day in her life" – which involves being woken up by their three cats as Trey leaves for work.


She explained: "He leaves pretty early and I make the bed… well, I tried to make the bed but Oswald was in the bed."

Next, Clara got dressed, did her make-up and hopped in her Jeep to drive to TJ Maxx to browse homeware.

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"I was looking for wall art but didn't see anything I liked," she continued. "So then I went to Aldi to get some groceries because we were running a little bit low. […]

"When I got home, I was literally so tired from those two stores so I needed to unwind with some non-alcoholic wine and take a nap."

After turning on Netflix, Clara says she slept for "about three hours" and cuddled the cats when she woke up.

Once she was up again, the TikTok star, who boasts 275,000 followers, made some burgers for her and Trey – but ended up eating hers before he got home.

Then she put on a load of laundry and put the clean clothes away as her last task for the day.

We spent every day together during that time and got married on the same day that Trey proposed the idea – we eloped!

She captioned the clip: "My job title can also be stay-on-TikTok wife because that’s also my job."

The video sparked fierce debate in the comments – with some arguing that she was "living the dream" while others called it a "nightmare".

One replied: "This girl gets it. She made it. She did it. She's living all our dreams."

"I love how realistic it is," another added. "Getting tired from going to like two stores and then putting away dirty laundry. Same queen!"

"Everyone saying they want this," a third said. "But living this way would make me feel so unfulfilled."

In response to critics who accused her of being "lazy" and living their "nightmare", Clara wrote: "I wake up and get to do whatever I want that day. But maybe that your nightmare idk haha."

Looking back on the early days of their relationship, Clara previously said: "We spent every day together during that time and got married on the same day that Trey proposed the idea – we eloped.

"Our families didn't attend because it was so last minute – it was literally just the two of us. There was a minister who we had come to the beach with a photographer, but that was it."

At the time, Clara said her parents were "shocked and confused" as they weren't even aware their daughter had a boyfriend.

However, Clara says they've since come round to the idea.

Flash forward a year and Clara has thrown herself into the role of stay-at-home wife while Trey goes out to work.



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She went to two stores and then cracked open some non-alcoholic wineCredit: @claraandtrey/Tiktok
She made them burgers for dinnerCredit: @claraandtrey/Tiktok
She also put on a load of washingCredit: @claraandtrey/Tiktok

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