I’m an Aerie employee and there are four things that are absolutely worth your money

SHOPPING for basics is a necessary task that can, unfortunately, become expensive.

The prices of undergarments, pajamas, and loungewear can easily add up.

One employee from the intimate apparel retailer Aerie said there are four essentials that are totally worth your money.

The woman, who goes by @AnnieBarausky on TikTok, began: “Okay. I am here to tell you what is worth your money in 2022 as an Aerie employee.”

“I am wearing the ‘Real Me Leggings.’ I own like literally six pairs of these. They are the only thing I wear legging-wise.”

She modeled the black pair for her viewers and said that she usually gets a long style rather than the 7/8 length so that they go down to her ankles.

The leggings are listed on Aerie’s website for $26.97.

Next came the undergarments.

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“If you’re in the market for some new bras, we have these ‘Real Free Padded Bralettes’ and they also come in like a scoop neck.

“They’re so comfortable and they feel like butter,” she said.

These bralettes retail at $19.97 from Aerie’s online shop.

“Also, this ‘Real Sunnie Wireless Push Up’ is really the comfiest bra that I own. I used to hate wearing bras until I bought this one, and it’s literally the only bra that’s in there.”

The price tag on that item is $29.97.

Her fourth and final necessity was another pair of leggings:

“Of course, miss iconic ‘Crossover Flare Pant.’ Literally, they are so worth the money,” she said.

“I haven’t had any pilling with the leggings either, and I know that’s a big problem and a big question.”

A bit more expensive than the first pair, these retail at $49.95.

Viewers were thrilled that Annie shared her insider information, and many backed-up her claims:  

"@Aerie she needs two weekends off in a row,” one commenter quipped.

“If you’re debating on whether to get the crossover flare leggings… Yes!!! Get them!!! They’re the best,” said another.

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