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CHANGING up your home is the best way to rejuvenate your space but sometimes it can put a hurting on your wallet.

But you don't always have to break the bank, according to experts, who have revealed the top areas of your home that can make or break the chic look everyone strives for.

The experts at Homes and Gardens have revealed the 11 ways you can make your home look more expensive.

"Making a home look expensive primarily comes down to the materials you use and how you dress your space," the experts advised.

Before carrying out any of the recommended 11 steps, the professionals suggested decluttering your home as this will ensure you are "starting with a clean slate."


For their first tip, the interior design pros told homeowners to invest in furniture with character.

"Decorating with antiques, especially wooden pieces, is a great way to make a house look expensive," they said.


The experts also recommended using paneling throughout your home to add texture.

The surprisingly cheap feature can be utilized on ceilings as well as walls.

The pros explained: "It adds architectural interest to what can be an overlooked part of your interior design and will also emphasize the height of the space."

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Also on your ceiling, you can elevate the look of your home with statement lighting.

Chandeliers are referred to as the "jewelry of the interior," and can be added to both older and more modern homes.

"A bold pendant light will also draw the eye upwards, emphasizing the height of the room, which in turn makes the space feel bigger and brighter," the Homes and Gardens pros said.


For their next suggestion, the interior designers said: "A new or refinished banister or balustrade or smartly painted risers, can transform the way in which people perceive your home."

They continued: "A staircase is an integral part to the structure of any home and is the first thing that yourself and guests see when walking inside, so guaranteeing your entryway is impactful is key."


For the next recommendation, the founder of Kristina Phillips Design said: "It may seem obvious, but having fresh flowers on the counter is an instant color burst to add endless decorative value."


The experts also suggested homeowners invest in art to elevate the look of a room.

"Taking time to invest in pieces you genuinely like, that also fit your space will make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of any room," said Sam Greig, senior designer at Swoon.


Replacing carpets with wooden flooring is a key element to classy interior design, according to experts.

"'Flooring is the key element when it comes to setting the tone for any interior. Get this right and all the other details will fall into place,' said Darwyn Ker from Woodpecker Flooring.


Incorporating luxury materials into your home can help to elevate the overall look of the space.

Whether it's investing in a marble bathroom or simply adding marble pieces such as coasters, vases, and coffee tables, your home will look instantly more classy.


It's also important to hide any visible wires in your home, say the interior design experts.

They explained: "Even the most elegant room will be brought down by a tangle of stray cables."


The next tip involves adding rugs to shared living spaces such as your living room.

"Luxurious rugs can make a home look and feel more expensive,' said the founder of Jessica Nelson Design.


And finally, experts emphasized the importance of the small details when it comes to interior design.

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"Light switches are the most interactive part of your interior and should be an integral part of the design," said Howard Solomons, head of design at Wandsworth Electrical.

He explained: "Anything handled so frequently must reflect quality, not only in its look but also in its touch."

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