These ‘indestructible jeans’ promise to last 50 YEARS… and they only cost £50

But Half Century Jeans, a kick-starter shop, claim to have created a pair that will last at least 50 years, and confidently guarantee those that don't will be repaired for free.

The jeans are made from a hybrid of materials including Japanese denim and ultra durable fibres known as Spectra, which is 15 times stronger than cable steel.

The materials are woven with a specialist machine to create a product that cannot be torn, frayed or unravelled in any way and they are the closest thing to indestructible, being resistant to chemicals too.

The belt loops have been reinforced to ensure that over time they don't loosen, and the seam of the crotch is triple reinforced to stop unfortunate rips.

Amazingly, the jeans are available to pre-order now on the Kickstarter page from £50 until the end of May, or on the Tom Cridland website for £79.

Half Century Jeans aims to make their jeans better with every wear, so that over time the fit and design of the jeans will only improve.

They also aim to manufacture in an ethical and sustainable way, recognising that the fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to pollution.

Their responsible denim is made from 100 per cent organic cotton which has been grown without modification, pesticide or fertilisers.

Any damaged jeans that are replaced will be sold second hand or recycled to create something with the leftover materials.

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