Influencer in tears after being savagely mocked for being ‘so damn proud’ about mowing her lawn

AN INFLUENCER has hit out after she was roasted for sharing an Instagram post about mowing her lawn.

Olivia Mathers shared with her 632,000 followers a post on her Instagram story about her freshly mown lawn, saying she had “happy tears” as a result.

“I’ve had tears through this process,” she wrote. “Happy tears, because I am just so f**king proud of myself.

“It’s so easy to be faced with an unknown/new situation and say, ‘I can’t’.”

Olivia went on to encourage her followers to “give yourself more credit and challenge yourself”, as well as thanking her mum for being one of the “best role models”.

She also shared a video of her backyard before and after the lawn was mowed.

Olivia’s post was then taken and shared by Celeb Spellcheck, an Instagram account with 160,000 followers that’s famous for calling out and making fun of Australian celebrities.

“You mowed the lawn,” Celeb Spellcheck captioned Olivia’s two posts.

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Others also poked fun at Olivia’s post, with one person commenting: “Tbh this is how I feel when I clean the shower.”

“I thought from reading that caption that she bought a house which is no easy feat to do but yeah good for her for mowing the lawn,” another wrote.

“Started from the backyard now we here,” one commenter joked.

But not everyone thought Celeb Spellcheck’s post was funny, with one commenter saying that instead of “dragging each other down we should be more encouraging when people try and do things for themselves”.

“It wasn’t just mowing the lawn either it was hours of manual labour in the hottest weekend of the year,” they added.

In response Celeb Spellcheck wrote that Olivia had done an “awesome job” but argued her “Oscar speech” was too much.

“A simple ‘I’m so proud of myself’ would have done the trick,” the anonymous account said.

Another influencer Georgia Grace also defended Olivia, writing on her Instagram story: “Just because she’s an influencer, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings.”

“This makes me so angry,” Georgia added in another post, claiming Olivia was “obviously going through a rough patch in her life”.

“It might not being ‘moving the lawn’ that was hard for her,” she also wrote. “It was probably finding the strength to get up and get it done and she has every right to be proud of herself.”

Olivia also shared one of Georgia’s posts thanking the Byron Bay woman for defending her.

“I was sadden (sic) to see my vulnerable moment of gratitude be so quickly turned into a laugh,” she wrote.

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