Innocent optical illusion sparks a frenzy as people can only see something rude

A REDDIT user has been left seeking reassurances that he isn’t the only one with a dirty mind after an innocent photo was shared online.

The dubious image, showing two muscular legs next to eachother, created a rather unfortunate shape as viewers were all left thinking the same rude thing.

The X-rated illusion was reposted from Twitter as one user expressed their concern at the discovery.

“I thought somebody was getting their cheeks smashed, lord help me,” they captioned the tweet.

The unique snap racked up numerous interactions on a subreddit as others had their say on the naughty pic.

One wrote: “Those legs are muscly wtf,” as second added, “lol took me a second.”


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A third user put it plainly for those who didn’t see it at first penning: “Many people see a fit naked couple standing up behind the other, but it’s just muscly legs crossed at the ankles.”

It’s not the first time that an X-rated optical illusion has caused a storm online – with several naughty shapes appearing in otherwise innocent photos.

In one case it turned out that even animals weren’t immune to the effects of a dirty mind!

Professor Cedric van den Berg, from the University of Queensland in Australia, explained that illusions are simply a trick that our brain plays on us while trying to “fill in the blanks.”

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"Our eyes and brain speak to each other in a very simple language, like a child who doesn't know many words," he told Newsweek.

 "Most of the time that's not a problem and our brain is able to understand what the eyes tell it."

"Optical illusions happen when our brain and eyes try to speak to each other in simple language, but the interpretation gets a bit mixed-up."

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