I've got big boobs & always have the same gross problem in the summer – trolls always judge me but I can’t help it

BIG boobs can come with a whole host of problems – from a bad back to unwanted attention but to name a few.

However, if your biggest problem with having a large chest is excessive sweating in the summer, then you're not alone.

Meco Velez, who is from the US, took to TikTok and shared a short video where she can be sitting in a car.

"I have to show y'all something…but don't judge me please," she begins.

Next, she can be seen removing several tissues that she stuffs down her top to mop up the sweat.

"This is what I have to do because my boobs are big and they sweat a lot!" she continues.


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"If there's any invention out there that can help with sweaty boobs, please somebody help me…because this, it's stressful."

She captioned the post: "Can any of my ladies relate? And if so, what can help?"

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The post has since garnered 759,000 views and been inundated with comments – with many suggesting hacks that could help.

"Mami cut pads in half and put the sticky backs together so they stick and then put them where they need to be sis," recommended one.

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A second advised: "I use baby powder scented SECRET DEODORANT that works for me."

A third agreed: "I use a roll on deodorant underneath them to keep them not smelling bad and keep them moisturised so they don't sweat too much."

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Meanwhile, another reassured her: "It’s okay girl if I were you I would do the same thing!"

A further added: "It's ok a girl has to do what a girl has to do."

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