Jennifer Aniston swears the secret to looking young at 49 is an £18 COLLAGEN supplement she pops in her drink

And now Friends star Jennifer Aniston, who at 49 looks years younger, has revealed the secret to her fresh face.

And it's not just plenty of water and fresh air.

Jennifer has revealed she regularly takes a collagen peptide with her morning smoothie.

Collagen is the main structural protein in human bodies – connecting bones, tendons and cartilage.

Speaking to, she said: "There’s a collagen peptide that I’ve been loving. I’ve been seeing a difference. My nails are stronger and there’s a healthier… how do you explain it? A glow. It’s sort of that working from the inside-out thing.

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Vital has described its collagen peptides as "blending into anything".

"It is a convenient solution for anyone wanting to improve their overall health. Available in canister or stick packs, our Collagen Peptides can be enjoyed on-the-go, in the office or at home giving the boost of collagen protein your body needs," they said.

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