Keeping your heels on to using toys — Megan Barton Hanson's hot sex tips

MEGAN Barton Hanson knows a thing or two about great sex.

The Love Island beauty is making it her mission to get women’s orgasm count up.

With many Covid restrictions back in place, Megan, an ambassador for High Street chain Ann Summers and pleasure firm LELO, says it is more important than ever to focus on our time between the sheets.

She said: “It’s about finding time for self-care and your relationship.”

Here is her guide to what women want and how they can turn up the heat in the bedroom.

And don’t miss tomorrow, when she’ll be turning her attention to men.

It's all about timing

I DON’T believe in counting the number of times you have sex per week, it should happen naturally.

But having said that, it’s good to think about when you can squeeze in some sexy time, and maybe shake it up a bit.

If you’re usually an evening-only couple, you might like to surprise your partner in the morning.

That wouldn’t work for me – I’m not a fan of morning sex because I feel like that’s when I look my worst and I have to rush to the bathroom to clean my teeth.

I could have Tom Hardy in my bed and I still wouldn’t have morning sex – er, that’s a lie, I’d pop in a couple of Tic Tacs and hope for the best.

I really love surprising my partner when they get out of the shower. I think men and women look so sexy when they’re wet.

I’m like, “Oh wow, you’re going to need another shower after I’ve finished with you . . .”

Confidence is sexy

MY male friends rave about the scene in The Wolf Of Wall Street where Margot Robbie’s character Naomi walks out of the bedroom naked bar stockings.

It’s so powerful because she’s confident and knows she’s going to have sex.

Take matters into your own hands, literally, and tell your partner what you want.

Get in the mood

EVERYDAY life is stressful and if you’ve been together for a while, it’s easy to get into the routine of finishing work, having dinner, putting the kids to bed and watching TV.

Women, in particular, are guilty of thinking: “Oh God, we haven’t had sex for a while, we need to do it.”

If you think that way, you’re more likely to rush it, because you just have to tick it off your to-do list.

If you relax, stop thinking about work and bills, then make quality time for each other.

When it’s not all about sex, it’ll happen naturally. Maybe cook a special meal together?

Take time for yourself, too — have a bath, pour a glass of wine, watch your favourite Netflix comedy, whatever it is you need to relax.

Finding yourself sexy

I FEEL sexiest when I’m confident. So I like to put in some effort with wearing nice underwear.

It’s not that I’m dressing up for my partner. Ex-boyfriends have said, “You don’t have to dress up for me”, to which I’ve replied, “Babe, I’m not dressing up for you, it’s for me”.

If I’m wearing gorgeous lingerie, I feel good. I want to watch myself in the mirror.

It doesn’t have to be underwear. It could be a silky gown or a nice nightie – whatever you feel hot in.

You might like to send a picture of yourself dressed up, or film yourself stripping off your work clothes to reveal some beautiful underwear underneath.

Do it slowly and tease them, don’t go straight for the end shot.

Be present

THERE is nothing worse than having sex with someone whose mind is elsewhere.

Trust me, if someone is having sex with you, they are not thinking about your cellulite, so you don’t have to either.

I might come across as a confident woman but I have my moments too.

I’ve had times when I’ve put on weight and worried about my rolls, even as I’m rolling around with someone. That kind of thinking is not helpful, it’s in your head alone and risks destroying the passion.

Be kind to yourself.

Think about the bits of your body you do like rather than the bits you don’t.
If you are feeling self-conscious, dim the lighting and also dig out some can-dles — they will also help you to create a sexy atmosphere for you both to get in the mood.

What works for him…

WHEN I was dancing in a strip club, I was amazed by the number of men who commented on my shoes.

A lot of guys like seeing a woman in heels.

They would ask me where I got them from and say they wanted to get a pair for their girlfriend.

I had presumed they were just looking at my boobs and my bum, but for a lot of men it’s about the all-round fantasy.

If you’re out shopping, why not send your lover a couple of pictures of lingerie and ask which he likes best. It’ll put the power in his hands and get him excited about what’s in store later.

Another tip is to ask your partner what sort of adult material they like to watch.

This tells you a lot about what turns them on, what positions they might like, the setting.

I always take an interest in my partner’s choice of porn. You might even want to watch some together and recreate it yourself.

You could also try role-playing. I asked a boyfriend if he ever fancied a teacher when he was at school.

When he said he had, I surprised him by dressing up as a sexy teacher and we role-played his fantasy.

What works for her…

WE need to get rid of the stigma around self-pleasure.

I used to think it was something dirty, but since meeting women who are sexually empowered I’ve become very vocal about the need to end this taboo.

There’s nothing wrong with taking time for your own pleasure — in fact, it’s good for your mental health.

It’s like going to therapy or the gym — a chance for you to unwind and devote some time to self-love.

As with most of us having extra time at home now, there’s all the more reason to enjoy ourselves.

There are so many amazing toys available, and I’m a strong believer in using them on yourself first then bringing them into the bedroom to use together as a couple.

Don’t be tempted to fake your orgasms — I have never faked it.

I think it’s more important to find what works for you together, even if that means offering some gentle, constructive criticism.

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