Kevin Bacon Recalls Giving Wife Kyra Sedgwick a Bikini Wax That Went Horribly Wrong

Kevin Bacon is admitting defeat.

The City on a Hill actor gave his own hilarious take on the home bikini waxing gone wrong for wife Kyra Sedgwick on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The actor admitted that he'd agreed to take on the task in part because "I'm one of those people that is sorta cocky enough to think I can probably learn to do anything."

Bacon, 62, cited his iconic career for contributing to this confidence, noting that he has been able to mold himself enough to play different professions onscreen — so a bikini wax seemed like it was well within his realm of possible acquired skill.

"I thought, 'How hard could this be?' " he said of the incident, which Sedgwick, 55, first recalled during an appearance on the talk show back in January. "Some assembly required. I can put stuff together from Ikea."

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Kyra Sedgwick Reveals Husband Kevin Bacon Gave Her a Quarantine Bikini Wax

However, he soon learned "You need to leave it to the trained professionals. Otherwise, it can get really, really, frighteningly dangerous."

When host Jimmy Kimmel, 53, said he thought Sedgwick seemed "a little bit mad at" her husband of 32 years following the incident, Bacon confirmed as much and added with a laugh, "But it's okay. I gave it the old college try."

During Sedgwick's version of the story earlier this year, the Call Your Mother actress said she "didn't really think it would be that hard" to have Bacon help her do the wax at home.

"Kevin is, like, incredibly handy. Like he's really good with a lot of things … so we both figured, 'How hard could it be?' " she said.

Sedgwick did some online research and purchased the "best wax kit." However, the task proved to be much harder than they anticipated.

"I'm not saying it was a disaster, but the fact that we did not have to go to the emergency room was just an absolute miracle," the actress said of the "agonizing" experience.

"There were moments where I was like, 'I thought you knew how to do this! My God, what are you doing? That's such a huge piece!' " she continued. "And he was like, 'I didn't say I knew how to do this. You said I knew how to do this!' And I was like, 'But you're good at everything!' And he was like, 'Well, I'm not good at this!' "

After Kimmel joked, "So you found the one thing Kevin's not good at," his guest replied with a laugh, "I did."

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