Knits Out! Did Chris Evans Just Wear the Viral Knives Out Sweater on Dog Date with Aly Raisman?

Chris Evans just wore his signature sweater style on the most adorable puppy playdate.

Over the weekend, the actor, 39, posted a video of himself holding gymnast Aly Raisman’s dog and sporting a cream-colored fisherman sweater that looks nearly identical to the one he famously wore in the 2019 murder mystery Knives Out.

“…Too bad his charm didn’t work on me,” Evans captioned the Instagram Story clip, as the Olympic gold medalist calls for her adorable rescue pup (whose name is Mylo).

Raisman, 26, also documented the day on social media, sharing a sweet video that showed Mylo running around outside with the Captain America star’s dog Dodger, who is also a rescue pup.

While Evans' playdate knit looks to be slightly different than the pullover worn by his character Ransom Drysdale in the critically-acclaimed movie, the style sent the Internet into a frenzy when the film was released in 2019.

Film reporter Anna Menta summed up the unexpected obsession in a single tweet: “The only thing I will say about Knives Out is that, upon seeing Chris Evans in a sweater, the girl next to me gasped and said very softly and tenderly, ‘Sweater.’”

The frayed aran crewneck (which Evans’ character, spoiled playboy Ransom Drysdale, wears in a scene at a restaurant with Marta Cabrera, played by Ana de Armas) captivated social media, but Knives Out costume designer Jenny Eagan admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that she doesn’t know the brand of the knit because the piece was selected during a rushed fitting.

While she doesn’t remember the details, Eagan’s choice was intentional — she told the outlet that the off-white color of the sweater complimented Evans’ eyes, and made sense for Ransom because “wealthy people can always wear white — nothing ever gets dirty.”

Eagan said she added holes and rips to the cozy knit to reflect Ransom’s attitude.

“He’d grown up privileged and used his money to buy fancy cars, to buy fancy clothes, but you could tell that he didn’t necessarily appreciate those things,” the custom designer said. “He just didn’t care…. I imagine it laying on the chair in his bedroom and he just threw it on day after day.”

“But giving it little nicks or little holes here and there, meaning he didn’t take care of it…the holes and the tatter gave him a touch of that disrespect,” Eagan added. “It was a disrespect to the family, a disrespect to the name, a disrespect to his clothes.”

So what ever happened to the knit after filming wrapped? Evans confessed he swiped "all the sweaters," before quickly adding, "But I had permission so it’s not stealing."

Not only does the actor love the style (as evident from his cozy weekend wear), but he actually got Dodger a matching set for Christmas last year, sharing two photos of his pup in the custom version on Twitter.

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