The Lip Bar & Ashley Blaine’s "Dear Beauty Industry" Campaign Is Highlighting Representation In Beauty

As we slowly start to see more and more forms of diverse representation in the fashion and beauty realm, The Lip Bar and Ashley Blaine’s "Dear Beauty Industry" campaign is here to disrupt the beauty world — in a really good way. The Dear White People actress is using the platform with The Lip Bar to speak her mind on the industry’s recent embrace of diversity.

When the star was asked by the black-owned brand what she thought of almost every major beauty retailer becoming more inclusive, she replied saying that it was "simply because they had to, due to the racial climate in society." That said, The Lip Bar’s decision to partner with Blaine — who’s shown no qualms when it comes to speaking her mind on race and colorism — as part of their latest project came naturally.

"Whenever The Lip Bar create campaigns, we always aim to use women who embody our mission of challenging the beauty standard," the brand said via a press release. "Whether it be through their unique look, beliefs, or character, we’re all about presenting extreme authenticity to an extremely manufactured industry."

It is so inspiring to see both Blaine and Browning speak up for women who’ve been overlooked for so long. And while the beauty industry has embraced diversity by taking steps like increasing their foundation shade ranges, there’s still a lot of work to be done until it can be considered fully inclusive (for example, steps like companies making room for employees of color to take on senior roles, so they have the power to be making decisions that can positively impact consumers). Until then, thankfully, there are a number of celebrities working with top brands to make a difference.

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