London Fashion Week: Model’s Nipple Pops Out On The Runway — See Wardrobe Malfunction

London Fashion Week ended on a wild note, when a model suffered a major nip slip! See the NSFW  pic of the moment on the runway here!

Someone’s boob tape clearly didn’t hold! An unnamed model was doing her thing, strutting down the catwalk for Roberta Einer at London Fashion Week on September 18, when her plunging jacket busted open. She was busy giving major face while walking the runway and didn’t notice that her nipple was almost completely exposed! When she did realize that she was experiencing a major malfunction, she quickly adjusted the top and continued like nothing even happened.

Good for her! We’re in love with the outfit she wore from the Estonian designer during London Fashion Week’s fifth and final day. This wasn’t your typical pantsuit. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a low-cut, sequined blazer in silver and bronze sequins. The jacket was paired with matching sequined shorts and strappy silver sandals. Normally, wearing one dreamcatcher earring would be way too much, but this beauty manages to pull it off. Her makeup was impeccable, too!

Hailey Baldwin‘s killer abs also made an appearance on the runway at the Adidas show! Despite just wearing a tracksuit and white tank top, Hailey managed to look effortlessly flawless. She was wearing some very spectacular jewelry on the catwalk, too: her massive engagement ring from fiancé (maybe husband?) Justin Bieber! The Biebs wasn’t at the Adidas show to watch Hailey walk, but they did spend time together afterward. How sweet!

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