How To Do Your Makeup When You Have To Work First, Then ~Werk~ Later

I barely have time to touch up my face, let alone do my makeup twice in one day. If you’ve partied after a long day at work, then you know the struggle is real. If you need to spice up your look fast, this day to night makeup tutorial will help you transform faster than Cinderella before the ball. Take your look from classy-at-work to cute-at-the-bar without having to redo your entire face. That way, you can spend less time doing your makeup and more time living your best life.

I do love a sensible smokey eye, but I don’t love my coworkers asking me "where are you going" when I wear glitter to work at 9 a.m. Though I skip the heavy liner first thing in the morning, I don’t necessarily want to bring my fresh face with me to the party at night. Through necessity, I’ve perfected a class and/or office acceptable morning makeup routine that lasts all day long, and touch-up steps that will transform your look in seconds. If you need a day-to-night pick-me-up that you can even do in an Uber, then these easy steps will change your makeup game.

Prep Your Skin

If you want to party hardy with your friends right after you run out of work at 5 p.m. on a Friday night, don’t let your makeup stop you. I know I don’t.

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