Man proposes to girlfriend with ‘will you marry me?’ chest tattoo – and has her ‘yes’ answer inked on too – The Sun

THE MAJORITY of people who propose are usually pretty sure they'll get a positive answer.

But one cheeky man was quite presumptuous that it would all go to plan when he got a "will you marry me?" chest tattoo.

The future groom, from Gloucester, asked his girlfriend to meet him at tattoo parlour Gods Of Ink so he could pop the question in the rather unique manner.

What's more, he had even asked the artist, Juris Jurison, to prepare "Yes" and "No" boxes ready for her response.

Once she had provided the answer the man was hoping for, a heart shape was added to the correct box.

A picture of the happy couple, and the story of their unusual engagement was shared by the parlour on Facebook.

They wrote: "What an amazing way to propose.

"His girlfriend who was with him and had no idea what he was having done was shocked by his proposal and she happily ticked the Yes box.”

"Congratulations to you both."

In the snap, the betrothed pair can be seen beaming at the camera.

When she came in the the main tattoo was already done and she said: 'Oh my god I love you' and said yes of course. Then she drew in the heart and we tattooed that on.

The future groom has his T-Shirt pulled up to show off her new tattoo while his bride can be seen wearing her engagement ring on her right hand.

Explaining why it wasn't on the left, the poster added: "The ring is on the opposite finger as they are from Bulgaria so wear the ring on the right hand."

Juris, the artist, said of being asked to carry out the request: "It was rather unique. It reminded me of being at school when you wrote notes at school, asking your girlfriend if she wanted to go out with you.

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"It was quite a random occurrence, he rung up about an hour before to ask if we could do it because either people wouldn't do it or didn't have space.

"When she came in the the main tattoo was already done and she said: 'Oh my god I love you' and said yes of course. Then she drew in the heart and we tattooed that on.

"He was nervous at the beginning, but I think it is a really cool idea. 'Carpe diem', as they say."

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